Health Tourism in Switzerland

Switzerland is a sought-after destination for affluent health tourists seeking popular procedures. Read more, here.

Located in the very heart of Europe, Switzerland is widely known for its stunning nature—but it’s the country’s growing medical tourism industry that has been making headlines recently.

The Swiss health system is world-renowned; people from all over the world are choosing this destination to invest in dentistry and elective surgery.

Although costs for procedures are relatively higher when compared to neighbouring countries like Germany and Austria, people are still travelling to Switzerland to seek a wide range of procedures. Private clinics and hospitals in Lausanne, Berne and Geneva are especially popular destinations.

A recent study published by Zurich’s Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI)—an independent think tank—emphasised Switzerland’s potential as a health destination.

In fact, according to the research body, over 30,000 people visit the country every year to seek out a wide range of procedures. This equals a spending in excess of one billion Swiss Francs on medical treatments alone. Switzerland Tourism estimates that health tourism accounts for over CHF500,000 of tourism spending.

Swiss healthcare

Switzerland boasts over 500 hospitals, with  40 of those being private. According to, the country is also home to the biggest private hospital in the world as well as a number of JCI and ISO-certified centres.

These certifications are geared towards improving patient safety and the quality of healthcare in the international community. It is the existing infrastructure, medical training, equipment and doctors that are swiftly putting Switzerland on the health tourism map.

Swiss tourism

The land-locked, mountainous country is known for its artisan watchmaking and sublime chocolatiers. If you’re visiting Switzerland for medical reasons and have a few spare days for exploring after your recovery, visit Interlaken and St Moritz for some outdoor fun. Bern’s Old Town features on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and Basel is home to the world’s largest art fair.

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