Health Tourism in Germany

Major clinics, highly trained staff and special comfort areas are just a few of the reasons why Germany is standing out as a prime medical tourism destination

According to data published in the International Medical Tourism Journal (IMTJ), over 25,000 people from 177 foreign countries received medical treatment in Germany in 2018. The body also estimated that the country receives over €1.2 million from the medical tourism industry alone. But why are people choosing to travel to Germany for their healthcare needs, and what makes the country such a popular destination?

The draws

Berlin, Germany’s capital, is an increasingly popular medical tourism destination in Europe. It boasts over 130 clinics, 70 rehab facilities and 140,000 hotel beds. The city prides itself on being a perfect hub for medicine and medical research. Standout clinics in the capital have elevated their status in the healthcare industry due to their highly trained staff and world-class facilities. Known for innovation, clinics and hospitals in Germany are also armed with the latest technology such as 3D ultrasounds, surgical robots, heart catheters and targeted radiation. In addition to state-of-the-art equipment, German medical facilities also adhere to strict hygienic measures, boast transparent treatment outcomes and offer comprehensive follow-up care to patients.


For anyone looking to bypass long waiting times, Germany offers patients the possibility of booking and scheduling appointments quickly and easily. Nowadays, many companies offer travel insurance specifically for this purpose. Patients may choose to organise the trip themselves or enlist the help of a third-party company specialising in this particular industry. Alternatively, some clinics will facilitate the process, providing everything from travel and accommodation to post-operative care.

German healthcare

The healthcare system in Germany is one of the most advanced and efficient in Europe. Its high standing can be attributed to the fact that Germany invests more financial resources into   the development of its medicine than any other country in the EU—what’s more, the country also boasts more advanced results in the fields of cancer treatment, blood disorders, infertility and epileptic disorders.

Popular specialties

The most requested specialties in Germany are orthopaedics, internal medicine, cardiology and cancer treatment

Source: IMTJ


Germany has this many hospitals—they treat around 18.5 million people annually

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Source: IMTJ

This article was originally published in Live to 100 with Dr Hilary Jones. Read the digital edition, here. 

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