Have You Lost Chewing Ability Due To Poor Oral Health? Restore Confidence In Your Smile

Tooth loss and gum disease affect millions of people worldwide in every age group. Having no teeth at all is a widespread handicap, with 6% of adults being edentulous (no natural teeth) (NHS Oral Health & Function survey).

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Nine out of ten people suffer from some form of gum disease in the United Kingdom. If not treated, this can lead to severe damage of the bone and supporting structures that hold the teeth in place. On top of the obvious physical difficulty in chewing and smiling that comes with having failing or missing teeth, many people underestimate the psychological effect this has on their quality of life. Embarrassment, fear of social interactions and a severe inability to eat properly are all hallmarks of patients suffering from advanced gum disease. There are solutions to ensure you don’t have to face a life without your smile.

For most people in this situation, their only options are dentures or full jaw dental implants. Wearing dentures can be a source of great embarrassment and discomfort, whilst dentures can replicate the look of natural teeth, they cannot replicate the function of natural teeth. As a result of this, people wearing dentures or people who are struggling with advanced gum disease will opt for full mouth dental implants. The evolution of dental implant technology has rendered dentures virtually obsolete. In the 50 years of modern dental implantology, research and technology have allowed us to raise the bar of what is possible to dizzying new heights.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are widely accepted as the gold standard solution to replace missing teeth or failing teeth that need extraction. They are essentially artificial tooth roots made from medical­ grade titanium, which are placed into the natural bone where they form a strong, lasting bond. The implants become the sub­structure for a tooth or bridge of teeth, which look, feel and function just like natural teeth. This means that you can go out and eat with renewed confidence.

Why might I need dental implants?

Patients typically require full jaw treatment as a result of:

  • Advanced gum disease (periodontitis) – which can lead to destruction of the tissue that surrounds your teethleading to tooth loss.
  • Unrestorable teeth due to severe tooth decay.
  • Tooth loss due to trauma/injury.
  • Medical conditions which lead to increased risk of tooth loss or teeth not developing at all.

Why have full jaw dental implants rather than dentures?

  • The alternative of dentures where the bone is in a steady shrinking mode, are routinely ill-fitting and uncomfortable and require frequent relining or replacement.
  • Dental implants prevent bone loss where teeth are missing.
  • Prosthetic teeth on implants do not decay meaning an absence of future dental disease as well as cost and time savings on future dental care.
  • Dental implant solutions behave as normal teeth meaning you can enjoy your food leading to improved nutrition, overall health and quality of life.
  • The importance of re-gained self-esteem, which dental implants provide, cannot be underestimated – a new confidence in social situations and even smiling in photographs is priceless to some.

What dental implant solutions are available to me?

Dental implant solutions were first introduced in the mid-1960s and treatment solutions are constantly evolving.

The EvoSolution™ is a modern treatment concept that builds on the limitations of traditional dental implant treatments such as All-on-4®. Due to advanced technology and biomaterials, a ‘smile in a day’ where a full set of fixed teeth can be implanted in just one day can be a reality for people. By taking concepts that exist in dentistry and engineering and combining them, the EvoSolution™ takes the possibilities of All-on-4® to a standard that has not been reached. With the EvoSolution™, no grafting is required, and teeth can be fixed on the implants on the same day of surgery.

The EvoSolution™ is an alternative to traditional dental implants solutions due to the following:

·       A holistic approach to patient care; The EvoSolution™ process is designed to treat the person, not just their mouth.

·       Every case is unique. Every Evo treatment is a little bit different because everybody’s mouth is – bite forces are spread in the optimal way to ensure long term prosthetic stability.

·       Implant treatment is completed in just one visit minimizing the number of interventions and speeding up the healing process.

·       The process involves a simple annual maintenance protocol to monitor implant health.

The EvoSolution™ prides itself on being exclusive to Evo Clinics only, meaning:

Evo Clinics only perform full jaw correction treatment. This means Evo Clinics are dedicated to one solution.

Evo Clinics perform more full jaw correction treatment than any other clinic in the UK. (497 in 2018)

The EvoSolution™ process continues to evolve to ensure the best solution for patients. Evo fully understand the impact that tooth loss can have on a person’s physical and social and emotional wellbeing. The EvoSolution™is THE solution for thousands of people who have to live with removable false teeth or have been told by a dental professional that tooth loss in one or both jaws is inevitable. Evo aim to change lives by providing a complete functional rehabilitation of an entire jaw or jaws with fixed teeth. If you think you may be suitable for the EvoSolution™, contact Evo on 08082565935 to book your FREE Clinical Assessment today or visit our website. 

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