Gut Health and the Importance of Prebiotics

We asked the experts from Bimuno to explain the importance of prebiotics and how their products can support gut health

What are prebiotics?
Prebiotics are a type of complex carbohydrate that are found in a variety of foods and supplements. Their purpose is to feed the ‘good’ bacteria in the gut encouraging them to thrive and increase in number.

Simply put, prebiotics work much like fertilisers in a garden. Prebiotics feed the ‘good bacteria’ (or probiotics) which directly connect with our digestive health, immunity, and even mental wellbeing.

What are probiotics?
Probiotics are live bacteria that live in our gut. They are generally found in fermented products such as yoghurts, certain cheeses, kefir and kombucha. As probiotics can be impacted by temperature, acidity and other factors, consuming probiotics doesn’t mean they’re always going to survive the journey to your gut where you benefit from them.

What is Bimuno?
Bimuno is a high in fibre prebiotic food supplement. Its secret sauce is a mixture of unique, patent-protected galactooligosaccharides (GOS), which has been scientifically proven to stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria also known as bifidobacteria in the gut. Bimuno is taste-free, soluble, and available in travel-size sachets to add to food or drink daily. Bimuno typically provides results within seven days. Bimuno is designed to complement a balanced diet to support gut health.

What is the importance of gut health?
Science is uncovering just how important the gut microbiome is in physical health and wellbeing. Our good gut bugs are known to have a connection to several significant areas of health, but the full extent is yet to be uncovered.

What products do Bimuno offer?
Bimuno Original and Bimuno Immunity are the staple products available designed to support individual needs. Bimuno Original is the award-winning prebiotic and Bimuno Immunity is a 4-in-1 daily immunity support that contains our prebiotic, plus vitamins C, D, and zinc.
To learn more about Bimuno Original Prebiotic please visit here.
To learn more about Bimuno Immunity please visit here.

Who is Bimuno suitable for?
Bimuno is high in fibre, suitable for vegetarians, and gluten-free. It can be taken by everyone aged four and over, including pregnant women. The key ingredient, Galactooligosaccharides (GOS), is derived from lactose, a natural ingredient in cow’s milk. Bimuno contains lactose content well below the level that is considered safe in most lactose-intolerant people by the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Product (Daily intake/g)Lactose ContentEFSA Guidelines ¹NIH Guidance ²
Bimuno Original  ≤0.4g<12g<12g
Bimuno immunity ≤0.3g<12g<12g

Everyone’s gut is individual, if you have any concerns about Bimuno and any of its ingredients please consult with your doctor or relevant healthcare practitioner.

How often should I take Bimuno?
Bimuno should be taken once per day. Its travel-size sachets are perfect for pouring into any food or drink like tea, coffee, yogurt, or porridge. For optimum results, it should be taken as part of a daily routine to continue feeding good gut bacteria alongside a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Can anyone take Bimuno? Are there any side-effects?
During the first seven days of taking Bimuno, you may experience some stomach gurgling and rumbling which usually subsides after a few days. Bimuno is intended as a daily food supplement that you can include as part of your everyday healthy living. There are no health concerns on taking it long-term. You may want to consult with your doctor or other healthcare professionals before trying Bimuno if you suffer from any health problems and/or take prescription medications.

How long should I take Bimuno for?
Bimuno is designed to be taken long-term. We recommend it be taken daily, to continue to feed your good gut bacteria.

Bimuno is available as a one-month trial or as a subscription in three or six-month supplies. Subscriptions come with free delivery and the option to move deliveries or cancel at any time. Our customer feedback is a testament to how easily and beneficial Bimuno can be made a fixture in one’s daily routine.

Who is the company behind Bimuno?
Clasado Biosciences is the pioneering research and development company behind functional ingredient Bimuno GOS designed to support better gut microbiome-mediated health and well-being.

Where can I find out more about Bimuno?
Visit us at Get your first month trial for 10% off when you register with code WELCOME10.

To learn more about Bimuno Original Prebiotic please visit here.

To learn more about Bimuno Immunity please visit here.

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