Can You Clean and Still Be Green?

Is it possible to keep your house clean without using environmentally unfriendly cleaning products? We asked the experts from Ecozone

What is the aim of Ecozone products?
Since Ecozone started over 20 years ago, our aim has always been to create products that are environmentally conscious, from the ingredients we use to the packaging they’re kept in. We believe that healthy and sustainable cleaning should be accessible to everyone. Our core aim is to produce & innovate products for every corner of the home so there doesn’t have to be any compromises to get the results you need.

Do they contain chemicals such as bleach, plasticizers or phosphates?
Our Dryer Cubes are made from PVC with 1% plasticizers to create a softer and more flexible and heat durable material, but also means the PVC is recyclable. Apart from this, none of Ecozone’s other products contain any bleach, plasticizers or phosphates!

Are plant-based cleaning formulae as effective as conventional cleaners?
We strongly believe that our plant-based formulas are just as effective, if not more, than conventional chemical cleaners. We believe that powerful formulas do not need toxic & corrosive chemicals to provide an effective clean, which is why we incorporate plant-based ingredients as much as possible, without sacrificing performance.

Are Ecozone ingredients organic?
Ecozone incorporate many plant-based ingredients in a selection of products in our range. One of our most popular products are 100% organic Soap Nuts, which come in 300g and 1kg bags and are a totally natural alternative to common laundry detergents!

Are they safe to use if I have allergies?
A large number of our products are approved by Allergy UK, which means their gentle formulas are perfect to be used by allergy sufferers or those with sensitive skin. Just look out for the Allergy UK logo on the product packaging!

Are they safe for pets and aquatic life?
Yes! It’s important to us to create products that are healthy not only for ourselves, but also safe for use around pets and safe to aquatic life. That’s also why we never test on animals or use any animal bi-products in our formulas.

Is Ecozone packaging recyclable?
Creating packaging that is as sustainable as our formulas is one of Ecozone’s top priorities. We’re not perfect, but our plastic-free range continues to grow, and all of our plastic bottles are made from 100% or a mixture of PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) plastic. Other components are made from a mixture of sources, and almost our entire range can be recycled or are biodegradable.

What organisations have approved Ecozone products?
Ecozone is approved by PETA, The Vegan Society, Cruelty Free International and Naturewatch Foundation, as well as our selected products that are approved by Allergy UK.

What are the most popular and the newest Ecozone products?
One of our first products are our Laundry Ecoballs, which have remained firm favourites with our consumers through multiple redesigns and changes, for over 20 years. Another product popular with our consumers is our Multi-Purpose Cleaning Paste, which was brought back because of popular demand. Our newest plastic-free products are our relaunched 48 tablet pack sizes of our Pure Oxygen Power Whitening and Power Brightening tablets, as well as a bigger 32 pack of our Water Softener Tablets.

Where can I find out more about Ecozone?
You can read more about Ecozone and shop for all our products at

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