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Vibration training has been associated with a wide variety of positive health benefits, including improvements in balance, stability, circulation and blood flow. Stephen Powell, Director, UK Training at Performance Health Systems answers your most common questions.

What is vibration training?
Vibration training, also known as whole body vibration training, is activity performed on a vibrating platform.  Unlike movements performed on solid ground, a Power Plate® platform creates an unstable surface that challenges a person’s centre of gravity.  To compensate for this instability, a greater number of muscles are recruited and used to perform each movement.  As a result, Power Plate training increases the amount of work a person performs in considerably less time.

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Is it difficult to do?
Not at all.  In fact, the majority of activities performed on solid ground can be done on a Power Plate machine.  The Power Plate platform simply adds a new dimension of challenge to any physical activity or task.

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What health benefits can I expect?
Power Plate training has been associated with a wide variety of positive health benefits.  With as little as 30 seconds of activity on a Power Plate, individuals may experience improvements in balance and stability, circulation and blood flow, and recovery time for muscles and tendons.  In addition, Power Plate training has also been associated with a decrease in overall and specific pain and increases in growth hormone production (known for its anti-aging properties).

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Does vibration training have medical approval?
Yes, but not all whole body vibration devices meet the stringent requirements for medical approval.  An increasing number of GPs, personal trainers, and physiotherapists currently recommend Power Plate training to help people with medical conditions.  Not all vibration training devices have the sophisticated technology and quality of manufacturing required for medical approval.  For peace of mind, and to ensure safety and effectiveness of a vibration training device, it is important to identify a reputable brand.   Power Plate has earned both Medical Devices Directive (MDD) and IFI certifications which means it is safe to be prescribed as part of a wider medical treatment and can be used by people with a wide range of conditions.

How does vibration training work?
The platform on a Power Plate machine moves up-and-down, side-to-side, and forwards and backwards, a distance of a few millimeters, up to 50 times per second.  The vibration triggers reflexive muscle contractions that counteract the movement to keep you stable. 

Do I have to be fit and strong to train on a Power Plate?
Not at all.  The muscle contractions that occur as a result of the vibration are involuntary, and not dependent on how strong a person may be or their physical condition.  For example, an elderly individual with decreased strength and body control can still use the device and experience considerable health benefits.  In fact, individuals who lack strength or have lower levels of energy may experience the most benefit from Power Plate training.  

How long do I have to use it?
Because the Power Plate stimulates muscles to contract involuntarily, up to 50 times per second, it doesn’t take long to see results.  That is why it only takes five to ten minutes to experience results.  In fact, a total body session can be completed in just 20 minutes.

What movements can I do?
The possibilities are endless because practically any movement that can be performed on solid ground can be done on a Power Plate.  These include traditional gym-based movements such as squats, lunges, push-ups, and abdominal work.  The beauty of Power Plate training is that your body weight is all that is required to add resistance to each action.  For an added challenge, you can add free weights for more resistance. 

The Power Plate, with its unique design, can also be used for sports-oriented movements, like jumping, leaping, and total body movements (i.e. a full golf swing or yoga movements).

In addition, specific Power Plate models come pre-loaded with over 250 exercises and programs designed for individuals who are interested in looking better, feeling better and playing better.  

Where can I find a Power Plate?
As the global leader in whole body vibration technologies, Power Plate machines are widely available in gyms, health centres, and dedicated group training studios focused on vibration training.  To find your nearest Power Plate facility, visit

Can I buy a machine to use at home?
Yes.  More people are considering Power Plate for their home, knowing each member of the family can get positive results by using it five to ten minutes each day.  With proven technology and the peace of mind of a medically approved device, Power Plate is a true investment that can bring great rewards.

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