Get the Right Ice for Your Christmas Party

Ever given much thought to the intricacies of ice?

Why is the ice I make at home cloudy?

Ice that has been made in factories has been fine filtered to ensure its purity, making the ice crystal clear. We don’t have the technology to do this at home which means even if you boil your water before adding it to your ice cube tray, it will always appear cloudy.

What is the benefit of buying pre-packaged ice?

A big benefit is convenience, obviously—there is no time wasted trying to get those cloudy ice cubes from your ancient ice cube tray. Plus, when you need a lot of ice, it’s so much easier to buy it than to take up your whole freezer trying to make it yourself! You never have enough and you never know how long they have been in there for! More importantly for hygiene as ice cube trays are not known for being the cleanest! Bagged ice is made in the cleanest of environments and is never touched by human hands—you can’t get more hygienic than that!  

Why do some people choose to have their liquor ‘on the rocks’ and others ‘neat’?

The choice is down to personal taste—some prefer their spirits to stay very cold while others don’t want to risk diluting their drink. Latest innovations mean that there is a way to get the best of both worlds—‘super cubes’. These huge chunks of ice are less diluting and slow melting, to ensure you can savour the full flavour you were hoping for—meaning you can always enjoy your aged whisky chilled.

Is it bad to put ice in wine?

Each to their own! White wine is traditionally served chilled while red tends to be served at room temperature. Some prefer wine super chilled therefore will fill the glass to the brim with ice and then top up with wine. However, others prefer to serve their pinot grigio straight from the fridge. It’s completely your preference. Some wine and Champagne brands are actually starting to introduce ice editions, such as the Freixenet Ice, and even the new Moet Ice Champagne.

Crushed, cubed or shaved—how do I know what kind of ice to go for?

First off, what’s the occasion?

Is it a party, are you having a cocktail night in with friends or do you simply need an all-round ice that ticks all the boxes?

Party: Well you’ve more than likely got a boat-load of guests coming over and need to keep plenty of bottles cool and the kiddies hydrated. Party ice cubes can tick all the boxes and take the stress out of chilling your drinks.

Cocktail night: You can’t serve up plenty of fancy cocktails without a bag of crushed ice. This will make sure the drink is evenly chilled and pleasant to drink. Is there anything worse than a warm cocktail? We didn’t think so!

Midweek tipple: Long refreshing drinks mid-week—you deserve premium ice cubes for a premium drink!

Flaked ice is great for food displays—it retains its original white colour giving it the appearance of snow.

You will typically find flake ice on a fish counter, and it is even used in some food manufacturing. It is similar to crushed ice, however, the pieces are much finer.

Why don’t ice cubes stick together in the bag?

Ice cubes stick together when they become wet and then freeze again. The process of making fine filtered ice cubes is so cold, that the cubes stay dry, ensuring that they don’t stick together when you pick the bag up in the super market. If you ever do find ice stuck together simply drop your bag onto a hard surface to separate the cubes. It’s also much easier than bashing it with a rolling pin!

How can I make my ice last longer?

As the festive season approaches you will find yourself buying much more ice than usual. Warm drinks aren’t great and having to tell a guest you don’t have any ice is well…just more embarrassing than its worth. We say make ice a necessity on your shopping list this Christmas! Small freezer? Many local convenience stores and most large supermarkets sell a convenient 1kg bag. Keep stocked up and keep your favourite drinks chilled all night long. Simple answer, buy an extra bag just in case!

Ice dilutes your drink—true or false?

Are you guilty of asking the bartender to put less ice in your drink, thinking that the less ice you have, the less your drink will be diluted? Actually taking the ice out will dilute it more! The colder the drink, the longer it takes the ice to melt. Therefore, if you have lots and lots of ice in your drink it will melt a lot more slowly and dilute it less. Take some of the ice out and it won’t be as cold i.e. it will melt quicker! Note to self: The more ice the better!

The Ice Co° is the leading ice manufacturer in Europe and the No.1 ice brand in the UK and has been providing ice for all occasions since 1860. From Party Ice to Super Cubes they have an ice product to suit your needs. Whether a party at home, mid-week drinks or the most superior drinking occasions when only the finest spring water cubes will do, The Ice Co has you covered.

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