Get Fit Without Realising It

We explore the weird and wonderful ways to stay fit and healthy whilst having a ball.

Its a common misconception that running on a treadmill is the only effective form of exercise—this couldn’t be further from the truth. Exercise can be classed as any activity that elevates the heart rate and requires a degree of physical effort. Whilst improving stamina and heart function, regular exercise can also strengthen the lungs. Conventional forms of exercise—like jogging and weightlifting—come easily to some people. We demonstrate the alternative methods for getting fit that will improve your health and wellbeing whilst inciting fun in the process.

Learn a craft

Individuals in search of a low-intensity exercise should consider learning a new craft such as carpentry, carving, sculpting or glassblowing. All these activities involve a moderate amount of physical effort and are notorious for building arm and upper body strength. Plus, creating something tangible by hand can be extremely satisfying, especially when that involves the opportunity for artistic expression.

Change your perspective

Perhaps you are in want of a distraction when you exercise? Gaining a new perspective can easily be accomplished with a change of pace and some inspiring scenery. Head into the wild and enjoy the spectacle of nature with a rural walk. Hiking guides can advise you on the best trails to follow and the degree of difficulty that will suit your fitness level. Not only will you get your heart pumping, but you can also take in the wondrous peaks or the rolling hills that surround you.

Join a team

Commencing a new hobby can be a daunting prospect for some people, especially if that involves doing it solo. Instead, opt for a team sport that is heavily focused on group participation. Joining a group of like-minded peers is a fantastic way to make friends and stay motivated. There is nothing quite like the intense feeling of camaraderie felt between teammates who push each other to excel. Popular team games include badminton, basketball, football, rugby, lacrosse, netball and water polo.

Shake it off

Dance is a great form of exercise; it provides both aerobic and anaerobic movements. Aerobic actions include swaying, twirling and jumping, while anaerobic actions consist of squatting, balancing and lifting. Whether you practice jazz, interpretive, hip-hop or ballet dance, a single dance session is sure to help you work up a sweat—it truly offers a complete workout. Learning a new routine is also perfect for helping you to forget that you are even exercising.

Take direction

If you’d prefer a professional to take the lead, then why not book into a specialised class? Lessons range in difficulty and style, catering to a mixed crowd. Traditional classes include spinning and circuits whilst more adventurous offerings include trampolining, pole dancing, mixed martial arts, fencing and trapezing. Having an instructor give you instant feedback and encouragement is a huge bonus to such experiences. Some establishments will allow you a free trial so that you can ascertain whether it is your kind of ‘scene’.

Limber up

Contrary to popular belief, yoga and Pilates require a considerable amount of strength and determination. There is a huge emphasis on posture in both practices; some positions can take years to master. Not only do they work on flexibility and balance but they also concentrate on core strengthening exercises and muscle toning. Additionally, yoga is often utilised as an effective relief from stress.

Keep on track

Follow our simple tips to keep you on track with your active regime.

Mix it up

Make small changes to your daily routine like opting to cycle or walk instead of using public transport. Socialise with energetic pastimes; for instance, arrange a stroll through the park instead of a sit-down coffee.

Buddy up

Encourage your friends to begin a new activity with you. Having others there for support will increase your chances of sticking with it.

Jump on the deals

Take advantage of online deals and voucher websites; these allow you to sample new activities at a fraction of the price.

Rest time to play time

Holidays needn’t be unhealthy. Pick an active vacation filled with adrenaline-focused pursuits rather than a lazy beach holiday.

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