Fun in the Water With Matey

Matey is an iconic children’s product loved by millions since the 60s. Now a new look makes it inclusive for a new generation, as the experts from Matey explain

What age group is Matey suitable for?

Matey bubble bath is perfect for little adventurers, aged 3 – 10 years old, and is even suitable for parents looking for a nostalgic way to unwind!

Who are the Matey characters?

Prepare to embark on a fantastic voyage as you let your child’s imagination set sail. Kids can revel in the joy of making and popping harmless bubbles with a cast of enchanting characters like Max, Hamina, Molly, Arlo, and Jasper, each bath is a new story to be told… Let your kids create stories, share giggles, and embrace the joy of bath time.

How is Matey used?

Pour Matey bubble bath under a stream of warm water and swirl to create the bubble magic, simple as that, it’s time to embark on a fantastical voyage

Is Matey suitable for children with sensitive skin and dermatologically tested?

Safety is our North Star! Matey Bubble Bath is not just mild; it’s also dermatologically tested and pH-neutral, which makes it perfect for even the most sensitive little sailors. So, while your young ones embark on their bubbling escapade, you can relax, knowing their skin is well-cared for.

Is the container safe for use as a toy?

Matey Bubble makes bath time entertaining; Each bottle is a treasure chest that can be reused as a toy once the bubbles are gone. This not only promotes recycling but also keeps the adventure going even after the bath is over. It’s a win-win for your little pirates and the planet.

Is the container recyclable?

Once you’ve completed your adventure remove the sleeve from the bottle using the perforation line and recycle.

How long does a bottle of Matey last?

A bottle of Matey lasts for up to 30 bubble bath adventures.

What’s the story behind Matey?

A British iconic product loved by millions in the 60s. Since its maiden voyage in 1958, this bubbly treasure has been turning ordinary bath times into extraordinary adventures, celebrating the fun of water!

Fun in water is an essential part of childhood but sadly isn’t equally distributed, with just 3% of black children having the opportunity to go swimming whilst 72% of white children have the opportunity to go swimming regularly (Sport England 2019). That’s why Matey set on the mission to shift the imbalance with an inclusive brand purpose; to make water a source of fun for all children.

Where can I find out more about Matey?


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