From Strollers to Buggies – How Do You Choose the Best Pushchair For Your Baby?

From strollers and pushchairs to buggies and car seats, baby transport can be complicated. We asked the experts at InfaBaby to explain all

Should I go for a 2-piece or 3-piece travel system?
The main thing you need to be clear on when making this decision is what exactly the difference is between a 2-piece and a 3-piece travel system. Generally speaking, a 2-in-1 travel system comes with the frame, seat unit and carrycot. With a 3-in-1 you will get the same parts as a 2-in-1, plus a car seat included. This is extremely helpful when travelling by car as it means you can move baby between the car and the pushchair without even having to move them from their seat. also: Children and Diet Supplements: What They Need To Grow Healthy

How do I choose the right car seat?
Car seats are not universal which means that you can’t just buy any car seat and hope that it will match with your pushchair. Things become a little more complicated when you buy a pushchair and then try to match up a car seat afterwards. We believe that the best option here is to buy a 3-in-1 travel system as this is the quickest and easiest way to ensure that the car seat is guaranteed to fit onto the frame.

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What is the lightest and most portable stroller?
Our award winning Ezeego stroller is super strong and lightweight. Weighing only 6kg the Ezeego stroller comes with a nylon carry-bag for travelling and features a compact fold for easy storage putting it up there as one of the lightest, travel-ready strollers on the market. Suitable from birth up to approximately 3 years of age (15kg), the Ezeego truly is the ultimate stroller for the parent on the go.

What accessories can I use with a stroller?
For those of us living in cooler climates, a universal footmuff is a must have accessory for any stroller. These easy to install accessories are designed to provide your little one with maximum comfort while also keeping them nice and warm while on the go. For the few months of the year when we do get to enjoy some nice warm sunshine a parasol is the perfect addition to your stroller to help cover your baby from the harsh direct sunlight.

What different types of double buggies are there?
With double buggies you have the option of buying either a tandem model or a side-by-side model. A tandem double buggy is essentially the same width as a single stroller as the seat units are positioned one in front of the other. The side-by-side models are wider due to the seat units sitting next to each other, hence the name. In regards to choosing which model is best for your family, it really just comes down to personal preference!

Can I add a ride-on to a double buggy?
Absolutely! A kiddy ride-on is a seat unit that can be attached to the back of most travel systems and double buggies with the simple use of some attachment clips. These seat units are great for older siblings as they allow the older child to seamlessly ride along the back of the pushchair. Some kiddy ride-ons come with a removable seat which is super handy as it means the child can sit down to rest if they become tired.

What are the main things to consider when buying a double buggy?
As mentioned above there are two different types of double buggies. Each of the models has their own pros and cons so it’s important for you to consider which one will work best for you and your family. In addition to this, the weight of the buggy is an important factor not to be overlooked. You’re already going to be pushing two children around, try to make life that bit easier for yourself by looking for a model that is more lightweight.

How can I know that a baby product is safe and reliable?
It’s safe to say that the main priority for any parent is the safety of their children. When it comes to discerning whether or not a baby product is safe and reliable, it is crucial to ensure that the company has passed all testing for the appropriate safety standards and regulations. Before making any purchase, make sure the product has passed the UK and European Standards EN 1888 for carrycots and strollers, and either the ECE R44 or ECE R129 standards for car seats.

What awards has Infababy won for its products?
Here at Infababy we strive to make the world a better place for both parents and baby and are proud to say that several of our products are the deserving winners of many prestigious awards. To mention just a few, our Ultimo 3-in-1 Travel System was the Gold Award Winner in the “Best Travel System Category” for the 2020 Mother & Baby Awards. Our Ezeego Stroller was also a winner in the 2020 Mother & Baby Awards winning the Bronze Award in the Best Lightweight Buggy/Stroller Category. Our products have also been winners of the Loved by Parents Awards, the Junior Design Awards and the Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards.

Where can I find out more about Infababy?
Infababy is fast becoming a household brand across the UK. For more information on Infababy and general information about our Travel Systems, Strollers, Car Seats and Double Buggies you can visit our website at You will also find us across all of the main social media platforms where you will be able to keep up to date on all of our latest news, offers and competitions.

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