Five Ways to Keep your Home Cool this Summer

As we enter the summer and temperatures begin to ramp up, it is important we keep ourselves cool and not end up sweltering in the heat. If you do not want to be spending time in a home that is baking like an oven and experiencing countless hot and sticky nights, then look no further, as we provide you with five of the best methods you can implement to help keep your living environment as cool as possible.

Block the sunlight

One of the best and most obvious ways of keeping your home cool is to block the sun from shining in. Closing blinds and shutting curtains throughout the day can go a long way to keeping temperatures at a sensible level. The darker the room, the cooler the temperatures. South-facing windows will need the best protection as rooms with south-facing windows can be unbearably hot in the summer. For the best results, purchase the darkest coloured curtains with a thick lining so that the strong light rays do not fade them. Otherwise, investing in a purpose-built indoor window shade could be the best option.

Fan up

Whether you have ceiling fans or stand-up fans at your disposal, utilising them can go a very long way in helping keep temperatures low. If you have ceiling fans, ensure that they are rotating the correct direction to push the cool air downwards. Stand-up fans should be put on an Oscillate setting so they circulate cool air all around the room rather than just blowing it in one direction.

Turn off the lights

Not only do light bulbs give out light, but they also give out heat, and should be kept off during the summer not only to help keep your home cool but also save you money. According to OVO Energy, “conventional incandescent light bulbs generate light quite inefficiently, giving off waste heat in the process.” If you like to have lights on, replace your traditional bulbs with energy-saving LEDs. LEDs do not produce the level of heat than traditional bulbs do.

Open the windows

Opening windows during the early hours of the morning and during the night would be beneficial as this way, you can bring in some of the cooler, fresher breeze before temperatures increase again. This will have a positive impact for your night’s sleep. When it’s hotter outside than in, close windows and doors to keep the hot air out of your house.

Use cotton sheets

For many people, one of the worst bits about summer is the horrible night’s sleep you experience under the gruelling hot temperatures during the night. The fabric you sleep in is a crucial factor. Materials such as linen, silk and cotton are viewed as some of the best fabrics to be sleeping in during the summer that will not have you dripping in sweat and turning in your bed every 10 minutes. If you’re tempted to sleep nude – think again. Apparently this leads to sweat coating the skin, whereas pyjamas will wick it away and help you to lose heat.

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