Five a day +

Do what the celebrities do – eat ultimate superfood greens for a healthier lifestyle

Xenca’s Five a Day + has been formulated by Dr Bo Wagner, a naturopathic doctor to many of Hollywood’s stars including Jessica Alba and Jenny McCarthy. They use the superfood greens and probiotics found in this formula to help keep their digestive system healthy. The gentle cleansing effect of chlorophyll, high fibre and probiotics helps improve regularity as well as balancing blood sugar balance. Jessica Alba, Actress says: “I use Dr Bo Wagner’s super green food every day on waking because it gives me the vitamins and antioxidants I need”.

Five a Day + by Xenca is a food state formula packed with concentrated organic plants and terrestrial greens that are rich in naturally occurring minerals and trace minerals along with vitamins, anti-oxidant enzymes, beta carotene and phyto-nutrients. Five a Day + provides the nutrients missing from our foods, whilst chlorophyll helps cleanse and rejuvenate body and mind. Thousands of satisfied users can testify to its many benefits; abundant physical and mental energy, a stronger immune system, youthful looking skin, better digestion and rejuvenating anti-ageing effects. Each serving contains over 1600 Oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) units that gives antioxidant protection equal to eating six daily helpings of fruits and vegetables.

 Anti-ageing and Rejuvenating Benefits

Clinical studies show the key ingredients used in Five a Day + helped lower the body’s biological ‘cellular age’ by an astonishing 13.5 years, this occurred when participants took just one 3 gram serving daily for three consecutive months. Scientists attributed this anti-ageing effect to the mix of energy-boosting enzymes and edible green algae including Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), Glutathione Peroxidase, Catalase, Spirulina and Chlorella.

The Energy Boosting Fast Food ‘Pick Me Up’

Five a Day + contains organic beetroot juice powder (Beta vulgaris), organic alfalfa and co-enzyme Q10 – three amazing superfoods that offer a fast supply of energy and vitality whilst offering proven health benefits to the circulatory system including lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and improving energy to heart muscles. Five a Day + stops mid-afternoon tiredness and is an elixir for coping with the cut and thrust of today’s hectic lifestyle.

Five a Day + is suitable for adults, teenagers and children and can be given to pets. Each serving contains less than 12 calories and can be mixed water, or with fruit juice and fresh fruit to make a healthy smoothie. Alternatively, it makes a great tasting drink when mixed with milk, rice milk or almond milk. Suitable for vegetarians, Five a Day + is gluten and GM free and contains no chemicals, artificial hormones, heavy metals, pesticides, preservatives, sugar, nitrites or any artificial ingredient.


For more information and to order visit the Five a Day + website here.



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