How Do You Choose the Right Shoes for Your Growing Children’s Feet?

We asked the experts at Froddo for some advice on everything from materials and measurements to sustainability for shoes

Why leather shoes?
Leather is a natural material. It has better air circulation than synthetic materials, it’s more breathable, and reduces the chance of bacterial problems, i.e. sweaty feet, athletes’ foot, and bad odour. Leather is soft, durable, comfortable, and easy to clean and maintain.

Why Froddo?
Froddo uses only premium quality, soft leather for their children’s shoes. As well as being super lightweight and totally flexible they also feature arch support, padded ankle cushioning and a rubber front to protect from scuffs.

Froddo children’s footwear is a premium brand designed and manufactured in Croatia. With 75 years of experience in the shoemaking industry Froddo has served many generations of children. Froddo works closely with podiatrists and shoe designers to create trendy and colourful yet comfortable and durable footwear for children.

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Froddo Prewalkers are chrome free, non-toxic, vegetable tanned, soft leather little shoes. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the non-slip outsole is helpful for babies to gain confidence at the crawling to walking stage.

Froddo 1
Froddo 2

Once babies are more confident on their feet the Froddo Soft Sole range of First Shoes is a great step up; featuring ankle cushioning, soft leather, flexible, and a removable dual insole (UNiQUE fit) that provides additional room for growth and development.

The Froddo Collection ranges in sizes Eu17/UK1 to Eu42/Uk7.5 and comes in a rainbow of coloured leather (with even more coming in Autumn and Winter). Fully leather lined, Froddo shoes provide children with delightful, comfortable, and durable footwear for every development stage.

Why do children’s feet need to be measured regularly?
Children’s feet grow very quickly between 9 months and 2 years, then erratic growth spurts between the ages of 2 to 6, where average foot growth is 1mm per month. It’s important that the shoes that children wear keep up with this development.

  • Feet aren’t the same, one is normally bigger than the other so it’s important you get children’s feet and shoes checked to ensure that the size you think is right is actually correct for both feet.
  • Feet are normally larger at night than in the morning, the perfect time for buying shoes is later in the afternoon.
  • It is essential that both the arch support and ankle cushioning are in the correct place on the foot to gain the benefit of these features.

All Froddo authorised stockists in the UK and Ireland are professionally trained to provide a shoe fitting service, they’re qualified to measure children’s feet and make recommendations for suitable footwear.

But time is precious for families, and getting into shops for shoe fittings can be a big deal with young children. Which is why Froddo has designed a growth indicator on their insoles to provide a handy foot check mark. The illustrated smiley face shows where the child’s biggest toe should sit. This is an indicator to show parents when they should make an appointment with their local Froddo stockist.

Froddo 3

Why buy sustainable fitted footwear over off-the-rack shoes?
There are lots of benefits to buying a sustainable fitted shoe. We think these reasons are the most important:

  • When you buy a pair of high-quality shoes you’re investing in your child’s feet. Because the materials used in Froddo’s shoes are such good quality you can be sure that your child will out-grow these before the materials give up on you.
  • Froddo shoes are made from only the softest leather, never using any harmful chemicals like chromium 6, and naturally tanned using vegetable extracts. Knowing your pretty pink shoes are tanned using flower petals is surely something to brag about!
  • By listening to what children want in a shoe and then designing around that with the help of paediatricians and orthopaedics, you can be sure that the features are both functional and fashionable.
  • When buying sustainable footwear, you’re looking after the environment and the people in it. Froddo shoes are made using 40% renewable energy and all packaging is 100% recyclable.
  • Froddo Employs over 600 people from their local communities and contributes to humanitarian projects. You’re making a difference when you buy from Froddo.

For further information, you can find us on is the distributor for Froddo in the UK and Ireland.

For help finding your nearest Froddo stockist, check out

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