Find Inner Peace With a biOrb Aquarium

Installing an aquarium in your home is a guaranteed way to enhance your relaxation hours. But where do you start? The experts from biOrb fill us in

I have a small living space, can I find an aquarium to suit it?

biOrb aquariums are perfectly suited for any interior. Their sleek and minimalist design compliment any room.

biOrbs are available in many shapes and sizes, simply choose what works best for you. For example, the biOrb FLOW has a compact design that allows you to enjoy an aquarium where normally you wouldn’t be able to. The FLOW comes in 15L and 30L sizes. Its functional beauty will elevate any space.

What about larger living spaces, how can I make an aquarium work in an open plan design?

Larger living spaces can often swallow up any features placed in them. It is best not to fight the space, but to work with it.

The biOrb TUBE, CLASSIC, HALO and CUBE offer a 360-degree viewing area, and so wherever you are in the room you can see your fish and the décor within. The range of sizes on offer from biOrb (up to the 105L CLASSIC) allows for full creativity when choosing. Choose the aquarium that suits your room, and not the room that suits your aquarium.

Will the design of an aquarium suit a contemporary home?

To put it simply – yes. biOrb’s design philosophy is minimalist and contemporary. Fitted with mood lighting and with a choice over 200 décor elements, your aquarium can be whatever you want it to be.

Why not match the sofa colour with your biOrb’s plants? Or your walls with the biOrb’s rock décor set?

Available in neutral white, grey and black, a biOrb will fit in any space. The use of acrylic instead of glass is another important distinction when choosing a biOrb aquarium. Thick glass always has a green hue, whilst acrylic is clear and allows 23% more light through. You’ll enjoy seeing your aquarium in ‘high definition’. You might also be interested to know that acrylic is ten times stronger than glass.

What about all the ancillary equipment such as pumps, filters, heaters and tools, where does it all go?

biOrb prides itself on the minimum fuss needed to care for your fish. Everything you need to get started is included, simply plug it in and switch it on – let the biOrb do the work. Everything is self-contained within the biOrb, which gives you more space to enjoy the important part – the fish. The filtration is at the bottom of the tank (where most of the waste settles) and so with a little help from you each month the biOrb will create the perfect environment for your fish. Our all-in-one kits come with everything needed to set up and enjoy. Heaters are available as a further accessory should you choose to keep tropical fish.

Can I change the lighting conditions in an aquarium to suit the mood?

Yes. Most biOrbs are available as standard with a 16-colour mood lighting unit. This will allow you to recreate day and night effect (with sun rise, full daylight, sunset and moonlight). Or change the entire mood of your aquarium by choosing a different colour, simply with the touch of a button. We want you to be able to enjoy your biOrb at any time of the day. If you only have a white LED, this can easily be upgraded.

How else can I control the environment in my aquarium?

Choice of fish is important, and so are the plants. A minimalist approach will give a cleaner and sparse look. A busy aquarium will offer places for the fish to hide and a real natural ecosystem aesthetic.

How can I decorate an aquarium?

biOrb work with renowned designer Samuel Baker to create a wide choice of décor sets, plants, rocks and ornaments to place in your aquarium. The possibilities are endless. Ignite your creative side when choosing from the 200+ accessories. Mix colour combinations to help you create a focal point in your home. Grab a biOrb aquarium leaflet to see our 4 top tips from Samuel Baker on how to create your very own underwater world.

Is it easy to clean and maintain an aquarium?

Yes – the biOrb is specifically designed to be fuss free and easy to maintain. It is perfect for those who do not want to have to worry constantly about their aquarium.

All you need is a biOrb service kit. You will need to occasionally change this kit (about every 4 – 6 weeks), at the same time adding the included water treatment sachets to your tap water. You may need to use cleaner pads to remove any residue or algae. The reason the biOrb is so easy to look after is because nature does most of the work.

What’s the story behind biOrb?

OASE GmbH acquired the biOrb brand in 2016.

biOrb began in 1999.  A bunch of enthusiasts were disappointed at what they could buy in their local aquatics store. Aquarium design had changed very little in over 100 years. We threw away the rule book and started with a blank sheet of paper. The result is an aquarium where everything is integrated into one design instead of many component parts. Thursday 19th October signifies the first biOrb order ever, and this was the catalyst to over a million people using a biOrb to keep fish.

Where can I find out more about OASE?

Find more about OASE here and more about biOrb here. For more inspiration and ideas, please follow us on social media – @biOrb on Facebook and @biOrbUK on Instagram.

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