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Prestige brings you some fast cooking solutions with their latest kitchen utilities that might just give you that extra half hour to relax!

With life’s constraints limiting any chance of ‘spare’ time for most of us, it’s hard to imagine taking 30-minutes to yourself to just sit back and relax.

Prestige recognises that it’s necessary to take time for yourself, often away from the everyday jobs such as cooking and cleaning, and really allowing yourself to spend either relaxing or with the family.

Life is pretty busy when you’re raising a family often leaving little quality time together. During the week can be some of the busiest times; with all intentions of cooking up a delicious meal for your family, once you’ve done the school run, taken the kids to swimming or other activities, the idea of cooking something hearty and healthy seems a distant memory, and all you want to do is put something into the oven and walk away.

There are a number of fast cooking solutions designed to help you cut down cooking times, such as batch cooking, buying pre-peeled vegetables and using a pressure cooker. Cooking a meal from scratch can seem impossible in the week, however Prestige has recently launched a new range of cookware cleverly designed to help you get some of that precious time back – every single day.

Prism features a revolutionary non-stick technology which transfers heat faster – this fast cooking solution allows you can spend less time in the kitchen and use less energy, meaning you’ll save money too.

This new breakthrough in non-stick technology heats food more rapidly and evenly – eliminating nasty hot spots that can cause food to burn. They are also easy to clean also saving time on the washing up after.

Through market research, Prestige has found that the average family spends as much as 45 minutes on meal preparation. This can be difficult when you’re juggling the school run, work, homework, chores and other activities.

In order to save some time to its customers without neglecting the healthy aspect, Prestige has developed some tasty – and healthy – recipes to try with the Prism pans. Taking less than15 minutes to prepare, these fast cooking solutions will give busy households half an hour back each day.

The King Prawn Thai Curry recipe makes for a quick, easy and super tasty ‘Fakeaway’ on a Friday night (can easily be made with chicken instead). Or whip up a Spanish omelette in just 15 minutes before the school run, for healthy lasting energy throughout the morning.

On a warmer evening, you may want to cook a meal that is lighter but still full of delicious flavours and only takes 15 minutes to cook! Our Green pesto pasta recipe hits the spot perfectly! Whilst the Creamy garlic mushrooms recipe provides the perfect starter or accompaniment dish!

With the Prism recipes and pans you will save 30 minutes each day. 30 minutes is a great amount of free time to use for any activity you might not usually think of…

What could you do with 30 minutes’ spare every day? The benefits gained from spending regular, quality time together are well reported.

Reports suggest that this can lead to stronger bonds, improved performance and behaviour in school and less stress for the whole family.


Here are a few 30-minute quality time suggestions:

1. Board games – whether you’re a Scrabble or Ludo fan, board games can be a welcome relief from screens.

2. Cuddle on the sofa – this simple act can really help with relaxation bringing families closer

3. Read to or with the kids – it’s a perfect way to unwind.

4. Enjoy a short walk after dinner – the fresh air and time out of the car and away from household chores will give you time to catch up – you’ll all sleep better too!

5. Take time to eat together – a report published by Working Families found that only 29% of families eat together at least once a day. Spending just 15 minutes cooking frees up time for dinner at a leisurely pace.

6. Spend 30 minutes a day learning a language either using podcasts, an app or good old fashioned books!

7. Write a journal or start a blog! Or use your time to motivate your future plans, for example, you could write a bucket list of things you would like to do!

8. Take a nap or practice meditation to calm your mood and allow for a moment to reflect and contemplate.

Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore with the new Prism pans. Try one of our 15-minute recipes here and see what you can do with an extra 30 minutes every day!


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