Protecting Your Loved Ones With Family Insurance

Most of us are aware of car insurance or property insurance, but what about insuring your family? It can be a vital help in times of trouble. Karla Edwards from The Protection Parent explains how

Karla Edwards of The Protection Parent

My name is Karla Edwards and I am the owner of The Protection Parent. I am an insurance specialist who offers advice with life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection, mortgages and children’s critical illness. All of my advice is free, friendly and honest; getting clients the best cover available within their budget is my main priority. There is not enough awareness for insurance and I try to make everything as simple as possible so clients understand what they are paying for.

I’m very passionate about creating awareness about the importance of insurance, not just for adults but for children. If your child was critically ill you would be by their side. If you are at hospital with your child this may affect you financially which is why people need to be insured to ensure that if you are going through such an emotionally devastating time you do not have to have the added pressure of financial stress.

The type of insurance people typically know about is Life Insurance, which I like to call love cover; as it protects your family when you die. It allows you to have a peace of mind knowing that when you do pass away your family can still live comfortably.

This allows you to help your family financially even when you are
not there. When taking out your policy the main things you should consider are your mortgage costs, household bills and who relies on you financially.

Cancer Cover

Critical illness cover is there to protect you for the living side of life, if you get diagnosed with a condition such as cancer then you would be paid out a lump sum to make sure you can concentrate on getting better and having a quick recovery.

There are two options to consider when getting critical illness cover which is standard critical illness or upgraded critical illness. When having upgraded critical illness cover it covers a lot more conditions including less advanced cancers whereas standard critical illness will only cover invasive cancer. It is an additional benefit that will cost a small amount more a month ( usually around 10%), but this covers you for conditions you are most likely to claim from. Please make sure if you have any cover at the moment that you check it is good enough. Your insurance can be changed at any time as you are not tied into a contract, getting it checked will give you peace of mind you have protected your family with the best product available on the market.


Are your children covered? You can ensure your child is protected with the upgraded cover under your policy. If you are planning to have a family or have a baby on the way, please make sure you understand what is available to protect them. Some providers offer cover for unborn children and would pay out for pregnancy conditions such as Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, neo-natal care and many others. The baby would be protected from 24 weeks pregnant whilst most standard cover only covers the child from 30 days old.

Understanding how to have good insurance for the full family is my expertise. If you were unfortunate enough to be one of the 1 in 2 people to suffer from cancer then the money paid from your claim can be spent on anything you wish but the main benefit is knowing you will be financially secure.

I hope that my clients never need to make a claim, but if they did I know they only need to pick up the phone and I will be there to support them through a difficult time and give some peace of mind during a very vulnerable time.

Protect what matters most.

Contact information –

Tel. 07581784736
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