Exploring Medical Tourism in Lithuania

Situated at the geographical centre of Europe, Lithuania offers quality healthcare, affordability and beautiful destinations—and now there’s even more to attract medical tourists

It’s an exciting time for medical tourism in Lithuania, as a new agency was set up at the start of 2019 specifically to promote visits to the Baltic country.

The new tourism agency Travel in Lithuania will be responsible for improving awareness about Lithuania abroad and developing inbound and local tourism.

For health tourists, though, the attractions of Lithuania are already well-known.

Situated at the geographical heart of Europe, Lithuania is on the dividing line between Western and Eastern traditions, and has a history stretching back to the year 1009. It was a major power in the 16th century and is now an active member of the EU and NATO.

Lithuania has one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union, and this is reflected in continuous improvements to everything from transport infrastructure to medical facilities.

Medical Standards in Lithuania

Lithuania is a relatively new destination for UK based medical tourists, but visitors from other European countries have been taking advantage of the superior care there for years.

Lithuania has world class medical professionals and facilities, and almost all citizens are covered by free, state provided healthcare. However, the private sector is also well developed, offering the finest facilities to attract people to spend extra money on private health insurance.

Much of the business of these clinics comes from overseas medical tourists, so the facilities are very much geared to the visiting patient, with multi-lingual staff and high standards of care and accommodation.

Care Costs in Lithuania

One of the biggest attractions of Lithuania has to be the cost of care, which as staff costs are lower, can be between 30 percent and 50 percent cheaper than the UK.

Equally, food, drink, travel and accommodation are inexpensive—you can eat out for about €5—so you can probably combine your flights, treatment and a holiday for less than the cost of your procedure at home.

With its efficient roads and motorways and an improving international rail system, as well as affordable flights to modern airports with quick and cheap connections across Europe, Lithuania is affordable both as a treatment centre and as a holiday destination.

Treatments Lithuania Specialises In

With well-equipped private hospitals and staff trained and qualified in Western Europe and the United States, Lithuania is a centre for cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic surgery including breast, ear, nose, eyelid and botox treatments, liposuction, cancer treatment, obesity surgery and organ transplant.

For health tourists, the towns of Birstonas and Druskininkai are especially well known for their restorative mud baths and mineral springs, which, if you believe the folklore, have remarkable healing powers.

Leisure, History and Health

Combining a holiday with your healthcare makes great sense in Lithuania, with so much to see and explore while you are there. With its mild summers, picturesque winters, unspoiled countryside and beautiful sandy beaches, whenever you visit and however long you stay, you’ll find the best of both worlds in Lithuania, with modern facilities as well as    historical charm.

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