Evolving Technology Within Children’s Health Care

Evolving technologies are giving us new capabilities when looking after our children. BubbleBum tells us more.

Children can become unwell or sick at any time during the year, winter bugs, summer colds and even teething can induce high temperatures making it hard to keep track of your child’s temperature and any medicines that have been administered at home. Do you remember the time when you had to leave your baby with the sitter when he had a fever, armed only with a bottle of paracetamol praying that he would be ok and that the sitter remembered to give him the medication when required? We have all been there. When alternating paracetamol and Ibuprofen it becomes confusing trying to work out when your child is due the next dose, especially since you are more likely to be sleep deprived when your baby is sick. Most traditional thermometers are bulky and generate inaccurate readings making it hard to trust and track the data about your little one.

With smart technology being an expectation, it is inevitable that the world of childcare and children’s health is evolving. With new digital products appearing almost every day it is difficult for parents to choose the best product.

It is considered by many parents that the best digital thermometers are reliable, non-invasive, quick and easy to use. Many thermometers in the past used mercury, these are no longer sold and should not be used. These types of thermometers were replaced by digital oral thermometers that were easier to use but gave inaccurate readings as children tend to bite or spit out the thermometer before a reading can be achieved. In recent years the in-ear or no contact thermometer has proved more popular in the parenting community and health professionals alike. The new digital in-ear thermometers were developed to make the process quicker and less invasive taking only seconds for a reading to be achieved. With technology progressing daily even the world of digital thermometers has seen innovation with the development of smart digital thermometers. With many more parents working and children being cared for by childminders and caregivers it is also essential that parents can keep track of any medication administered when they are not present.

By bringing our medical technology into the 21st century, we can reinvigorate the child care sector for the tech-savvy parent.

The ability to calculate medicine dosage, store a patient’s profile and data and take an accurate temperature will help modern day parents everywhere. More than that, being able to access this data anywhere, having a medication and temperature tracker that sends alerts, recommends dosage, logs and reports information across multiple users, in one portal. The Tapp app by Oblumi can provide these new innovations.

By storing data about medication and temperature in a personalised patient profile using the designated app to access information anywhere at anytime. This allows you to track the medication your child has received and monitor their temperature, even if they are with a childminder.

 Multiple profiles can be created at one time making the Tapp by Oblumi, perfect for all the family, including newborn babies. Advancements mean you can now automatically calculate the medicine dosage and alerts if your child has a fever. The reminder and notification service allows you to schedule alarms for your child’s next dose or even send a reminder to selected contacts, meaning that you or your childminder will not forget to administer your child’s medication.

Handwritten lists of the medicine that you have given your child will finally become a thing of the past.

By ensuring a super-fast, non-invasive and accurate temperature, using an infrared sensor that attaches to your smartphone medical care needn’t be a hassle, simplicity is this advancements greatest asset. The sensor can be placed on the forehead or in the ear to calculate an accurate temperature within seconds making it fuss-free and easy to use, while at the same time the results are logged, and medication dosage is recommended. With convenience, speed and tech being at the forefront of the minds of most new parents this solution ticks all the boxes. The sensor is compact at only half the size of a lipstick, fitting into its own travel case making it convenient and portable, and it easily fits into your purse. This compact size makes it easy to carry the Tapp with your smartphone, even in your pocket!

For working Mums & Dads using technology that has a dedicated App to view their child’s profile can allow comfort and care for both parent and child.

There are limited tech child healthcare products on the market, but the Tapp by Oblumi is unique as it is much more than just a smart thermometer. The Tapp stores and calculates medicine dosage, temperature, times and reminder alerts for more than one profile, making it perfect for tech-loving parents. It is reliable, and the track and share functionality makes the Tapp not only an impressive thermometer but a practical and necessary piece of kit.

The Tapp by Oblumi was created by Award winning Spanish Company Oblumi and is distributed by Award winning child travel solutions brand BubbleBum. The Tapp by Oblumi can be purchased for £39.99 at www.bubblebum.co

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