Essential travel guide for a trouble-free holiday

Read our essential travel guide for all of the information you need for having a great, and hassle free, holiday.

Different water, strange food and the change in temperature can make some people take a turn for the worse. However, have come up with some tips to ensure that these common problems are a thing of the past.

Jet lag
The time difference in your holiday destination can really confuse your body clock. Holiday makers are advised to stock up on Vitamin B if they find it difficult to get to sleep at night. Alternatively your diet can also help you to sleep or wake up: fill your plate with carbohydrates, such as pasta, if you need help dropping off or snack on protein at breakfast time to help you to stay awake.

Motion sickness
If even the thought of taking getting on a boat makes your face turn green, settle your stomach by taking ginger or peppermint in one of their various forms. Zinc can also help this problem.

Many holiday-makers are so adamant on getting a tan during their trip that they don’t think about sunburn. Sunburn is extremely dangerous and damaging to your skin so always wear sun cream and try to keep in the shade as much as possible. Eating summer fruit, such as watermelon and papaya, is also thought to protect your skin from UV rays.

Prickly heat
Prickly heat, or heat rash as it is commonly known, can be extremely annoying for those that are prone to getting it. advice suffers to coat the area with aloe vera gel to help relieve the itch and cool it down.

Insect bites
Insect bites are a common complaint from holiday makers. Although there are a variety of sprays and creams available in supermarkets to help repel insects, there are also other options available as well, people should also use oils such as rosemary or eucalyptus as an effective repellant.

Food poisoning
Food poisoning, or ‘Dehli belly’ as it is often referred to as, is also a common problem for holiday makers. Travelers should stock up on prebiotic supplements to help protect their stomach. They also suggest that people should avoid street food and stick to busy restaurants to ensure a trouble-free trip.

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