Embrace Your Space

A bedroom is a very personal thing. It’s a private paradise—the room that says more about you than anywhere else. So when you’re creating that first bedroom for your new arrival, it’s important to get it right.

To create a perfect nursery, it all starts with you. What you love, what space you have and what budget you’re playing with, each of these can make a difference to the finished room.

If you consider these elements before picking your furniture pieces, it’s a great way to help you to embrace your space.

Smart & small

When you’re short on space it helps to be smart with storage. Finding pieces that combine practicality with style and comfort can be tough, but it’s not impossible.

In those early days, a Moses basket, small cot or crib is ideal for taking up as little space as possible—just bear in mind that, as your child grows, so will their bed. If you can fit a toddler-sized bed in your space, then look for a cot-bed than can be adapted to fit a toddler, it’ll save you having to upgrade later on.

If you can’t fit a wardrobe, then a dresser would be a better option—especially if it doubles as a changing unit. If you’re really stuck for space, then think about under-bed storage, or go high and look at shelving units—just be sure to hang them away from the cot.

We recommend:

A cot top changer and under-bed storage, so you can make the most of the little space you have. Also a cot-bed that can be adjusted to suit a toddler will give you pieces that fit in your space for even longer.

Magical & medium

If you’ve got a little more room to play with, then you might as well do it in style.

Let your personal taste loose a little more by looking for pieces that offer enough storage but don’t scrimp on the style. Again, if you don’t have enough room for a wardrobe, a dresser/changer might be just the thing, offering you plenty of space for all those essential items and outfits, as well as a safe, secure place to change your baby.

We recommend:

You’ll probably need to stick to your core pieces: a cot, a dresser/changing unit and, if you’re lucky, a wardrobe, so look for pieces that utilise their space and storage in the best possible way. Pieces that can be converted when your little one grows will give you greater longevity.

Luxurious & large

When space isn’t an object, then neither is your imagination. Think big to make sure you create a nursery that fills the space.

Storage-wise, if space isn’t an issue, then you can look to add additional pieces to your core collection. Bookshelves, tall boys, toy boxes and desks are all great pieces that your little one will come to use and love in time—and they help to round out that finished nursery look.

You can even afford to go big with your style. Using statement wallpaper, wall art, murals and decals, you can create a focal point in your room while adding an even bigger splash of personality. Don’t forget to add pops of colour to your room with accessories such as cushions, toys, lampshades and more.

We recommend:

For a big and bold nursery, use large statement pieces, which stand out no matter how big the space. You can also afford to add in additional pieces like bookshelves and toy chests. Use pieces that can be converted to fit a toddler’s room and beyond, so your collection becomes an investment for the future.

Let us help…

With a wide range of furniture collections and nursery accessories, Mamas & Papas can figure out which pieces work best for you. Each of our collections is designed to suit your space, style and budget.

If you need help getting your creative juices flowing, book a free Personal Shopping session and we’ll help you out. Our experts know their nurseries inside and out, so if you’re room’s dictated by budget or size-specific, they can offer you some great advice. They’ll even help you figure out your colour scheme and how to spice things up with simple accessories.

With exclusive savings up to £450, there’s no reason not to.

Book a session at www.mamasandpapas.com/personal-shopping  

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