Eight Beauty Hacks For Women On the Go

It can be hard to maintain a beauty regime when you have a busy lifestyle. Most women don’t have the time (or motivation) to spend hours on their looks—nor should they have to. Here are eight beauty hacks for women on the go.

1. Master the ‘up do’. Conquering the up do is important for women on the go. Especially when a quick outfit change is necessary, for example, transferring from casual to smart or from meeting attire to networking social. The up do is a transferable look that can is suitable in all circumstances. Choose between tight and sleek or slightly messy. Gather hair and twirl into a medium bun—use a texturising spray or a touch of gel depending on your preference. Pull out hair surrounding the face and either straighten or curl these tendrils quickly.

2. Carry an all-in-one. If your bag isn’t big enough to hold your entire makeup kit, seek out an all-in-one item. There are dozens of products on the market that offer various uses. Some act as a lip balm, highlighter and eye shadow. Others pose as a lip and cheek stain. This handy item will be a lifesaver and won’t take up too much room—ideal. 

3. Scent your hair with oil. Rather than spraying perfume into your hair before you leave the house (which can actually dry out your locks), quickly spread through a little scented oil through the tips with your fingers. Oil is known to cling to the hair for longer, meaning that your flowing tendrils will smell wonderful all day long. 

4. Banish dark circles. Use a salmon-based concealer to counteract dark circles—ideal for those who haven’t got enough shut-eye. Select a mattefying formula that doesn’t smudge for the most effective result. 

5. Get that glow. Begin your morning routine by mixing your foundation with an illuminating liquid; spread this over your face as you normally would your foundation. This will enhance your complexion with an all-round glow. Instantly you will appear fresh and ready to face the day. 

6. Quick to dry. If you are too impatient to wait for your primed or cleansed face to dry before applying makeup, use your hairdryer’s cool setting to speed up the process. This technique is ideal for women on the go who require a speedy morning routine. 

7. Wide awake eyes. Refresh eyes instantly by lining the inner rim (also known as the water line) with a nude eye pencil. Eyes look wider and energised—an unbeatable beauty hack not many are aware of. 

8. Get wavy. While some of us don’t mind getting up at the crack of dawn to curl our hair with tongs, most of us would rather an extra hour in bed every morning. A quick beauty hack? Before going to bed, wash your hair and towel dry it. Tie it into a single low plait and sleep in it. The next morning your hair will be wavy and magical when the plait is taken out. Perfect for women on the go. 

If you have enjoyed this article: ‘Eight Beauty Hacks For Women On the Go’, click here to read more on Celebrity Angels about skincare tips for a great complexion. 

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