Easy Ways to Ease Eczema

Learn some simple steps you can take to help protect your child against eczema.

Is eczema causing your baby distress? The condition, which can cause delicate skin to become inflamed and babies to become irritable, is thought to affect a staggering one in eight babies. Food, the weather and pollution are all known to cause it and, while it can be a struggle to find the right relief, the priority for all parents will be finding a gentle solution that works fast to soothe sore skin and their child’s distress.

So, what can you do to help ease your little one’s eczema? Green People, the natural sensitive skin experts, share their top tips for soothing the soreness of eczema.

Make bath time a soap-free zone

All babies love bubbles, especially at bath time. But did you know that soap containing sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and triclosan might dry out the skin and aggravate eczema? The good news is there are skin-friendly ways to help bath soaks foam without the need for harsh chemical ingredients. Sodium coco-sulfate (SCS) makes natural bubbles from coconut, and both corn and the yucca plant are also known to help skin naturally lather. Try making the simple switch from SLS to a plant-based foaming agent and see if you can make bath time just as bubbly but extra gentle on the skin.

Switch your drying technique

Do you rub your little one’s skin dry with a towel after bath time? If their skin is inflamed this could exacerbate the soreness. Instead pat the skin dry using a soft, clean towel and, once it is dry, help lock in hydration by applying a skin calming salve or body lotion. Opt for skin care-continuing ingredients known for their soothing properties such as calendula, lavender and shea butter, and be sure to apply these only once the skin is dry.

Stay clear of chlorine

Learning to swim is all part of growing up and many babies will enter the water before they can walk. While learning to swim won’t aggravate the skin, chlorine may cause irritation. To reduce the risk of this happening, be sure to thoroughly wash the skin after swimming. If, after washing, you notice any dry patches of skin, apply a skin softening body lotion to the affected area.

The National Eczema Society also advises, when going to a pool you have not been to before, monitor the skin for signs of irritation by allowing your child to swim for short periods at a time. They also advise that if your child has had an eczema flare-up, you consider avoiding swimming pools until the skin’s healthy balance is restored.

Fend off fragrances & be wary of artificial ingredients

Children’s skin is very delicate, and eczema can be easily aggravated by synthetic chemicals and fragrances. Artificial preservatives are commonly used in skin care and are thought to be one of the most common causes of irritation and allergy, alongside SLS and fragrance. You can find out if your baby’s bath products contain fragrance by looking for the word parfum on the label and, if you want to switch to a more natural alternative, you should look out for products containing essential oils such as lavender. Unfortunately, even natural scents can aggravate skin prone to eczema so, if the skin is particularly sensitive, it is best to switch to scent free products to help the skin rebalance.

Banish bright colours

Young children love bright colours, but when artificial colourants are added to their skin care their skin will see red. Known allergens, synthetic colourants can contain an array of chemicals that can irritate the skin and leave it feeling sore and inflamed. Instead, opt for white or colourless products that you know to be colourant free.

Don’t despair

Taming eczema can be challenging and if you’ve tried every trick in the book don’t despair, once you find the right routine the results can be astonishing. Baby Jay’s mum tried a number of treatments and thought nothing would soothe her son’s sore skin until she discovered a natural wonder salve brimming with the finest organic ingredients.

When prescribed treatments weren’t able to help, his mum turned to Green People. Applying their Organic Baby Salve to his sore skin three times a day, she was relieved to see it quickly soothe the skin and relieve her baby from his discomfort. When his eczema disappeared completely after just three days, she knew she had discovered a gentle but effective way to keep his eczema at bay.

Discover how natural organic actives can care for your baby’s skin by visiting www.greenpeople.co.uk and save 15% of the organic babies range when you apply the code HEALTHYCHILD before 30.06.2018.

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