How Your Driveway Affects Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

Your driveway is the first thing a prospective buyer notices about your property, so cracked concrete and patchy gravel are a non-no. We asked the experts from Brett Landscaping for some tips.

How important is a driveway in the ‘kerb appeal’ of your home?

One of the most effective ways of improving the appearance of a property is to redevelop the driveway. The kerb appeal of a home can have a huge impact, both on the homeowners with a welcoming view every time they come home, as well as prospective buyers or visitors. As a driveway is typically the first thing visitors will see, it may be beneficial to redevelop the area and refresh its appearance.

Can modernising your driveway add value to your property?

The ideal driveway completes the look of your home.

There are many reasons why you might want to boost the kerb appeal of your home. Not only can it provide a welcoming sight each time you pull on to your driveway, but it can also provide a great first impression of your property for friends, family and other visitors.

Improving the appearance of your driveway can also bring your outdoor area in line with the design of the rest of your home. Perhaps you are hoping to sell your property, and want to ensure each aspect of your home is well-maintained and cared for.

What are the pros and cons of different types of paving materials?

Permeable block paving is ideal for the weather conditions experienced in the UK. The systems have been designed to help prevent localised flooding and water pooling on a driveway, pathway or patio.

There is a greater range of products and finishes available across the market all designed with SuDS legislation and system longevity in mind. For example, Brett Landscaping’s residential permeable paving systems Omega Flow and Alpha Flow offer between 15 and 20 years of minimal maintenance service.

Porcelain paving is an increasingly popular system among UK homeowners, and with good reason. It is an extremely strong bound system that offers a solid finish, scratch and stain resistant and is extremely low maintenance. It will last a lifetime!

Natural stone is a fantastic choice if you need a tough, durable system that offers long lasting quality. There are lots of different colours and shapes to be used with stone too, making it one of the most versatile solutions on the market.

What sort of colour options do I have?

One of the biggest decisions when creating a new garden paving area is the colour.

Consider whether you want to go for one, uniform colour or create different tones. If you have more than one paved area, you could do them in different styles to create unique areas within your garden. At Brett, we have a huge choice of different colours and textures to suit both a traditional or more contemporary setting that can bring your outdoor space to life.

Does it cost more to have coloured or patterned paving?

Every project is different depending on the area size, products chosen for installation and the end use of the paved area. As a rule of thumb concrete block paving, as the most established system with the widest choice of products and quality can be bought in greater quantities at a lower cost, with natural stone costing more, and porcelain systems at the high end of market. However, using unbound porcelain systems such as Brett’s GeoCeramica® range can bring the outlay down significantly even against permeable paving.

How can paving enhance my garden?

The big trend with garden spaces in recent years has been around making gardens a seamless connected extension of the home’s living space. Paving offers the best way to create that extended area where the home meets the garden, providing an area to relax, cook, and maintain the plant life of the garden. Visit the Brett Landscaping website to see how you can turn your dream garden into a reality.

Where can I find Brett Landscaping products and installers?

Brett Landscaping has an established network of experienced and skilled landscapers who all work with Brett’s wide range of products. Find out more by visiting

Where do I find out more about Brett Landscaping?

Visit our website and find us on Facebook, where we share images of finished projects to provide you with inspiration and guidance.

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