Draught Proof Doors and Windows

Draught proofing is a cheap and efficient way to save energy and money in your home. Here’s all you need to know.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, you could save between £25 and £50 per year by draft-proofing your home. As draught-free homes are more comfortable at lower temperatures, you can turn down the heating—turning down a thermostat by just one degree in a typical home could save £85-£90 per year on heating bills. 

You could hire a professional to draught proof your home, especially in older buildings with single glazing. But, if you’re comfortable dealing with simple DIY jobs, there are a number of ways you can draught-proof your home yourself.

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What to draft proof in your home

Unwanted gaps and uncovered outside openings let draughts into your home. These can be caused by:

• Windows
• Doors, keyholes and letterboxes
• Chimneys and fireplaces
• Floorboard and skirting boards
• Loft hatches
• Pipework
• Cracks in walls

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Window Shopping

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