Do you detox your hair?

Detox has been the new buzzword for hair and products, but most of us have no real idea why we need to detox our hair.

“If I wash my hair regularly it’s not dirty, so why would I need to detox it?” It’s with this in mind that most of us bypass the detox products and carry on as normal, forgoing the real chance to transform our locks.

From the first detox, you will see and feel the difference and be hooked. But it’s not about the hair itself, it’s all about what we put in it; the shampoo that keeps it ‘clean’ as well as the styling products we pile on to create that perfect look. From serums to keep it sleek and straight, to pumping it full of sprays to achieve volume.

As a stylist, I recommend all these products (and boy do we stylists have a lot to choose from these days).We all have our favourites, and on shoots and videos we proudly announce to anyone who will listen what amazing new star-find we have used to create the look. Sadly however, we never so proudly remember to tell the models, celebrity or band how to detox to get all the chemicals out!

That gorgeous shiny hair in the TV commercial is created by us, using synthetic materials that cling to the hair shaft long after I’ve gone home. Dimethicone is the most commonly used chemical, found in 90% of hair products. Check the back of your bottles and there it is – that magic potion that gives us our shine. Dimethicone and other silicone derivatives coat your hair, trapping all of the synthetic chemicals in the hair shaft.This ingredient is so strong that one application of a natural shampoo won’t take it off. Depending on what products you’ve been using, and for how long, as well as your own body chemistry, it can take 2-6 weeks to totally detox your hair. For some, it could take 3-4 months.
But don’t despair, after the first detox you will notice a difference. Start with detoxing your strands for a week, then just once a week to top-up the effect.Try making Sunday night your detox night following all the fun of the weekend, so you’re ready with a fresh set of locks for the week ahead.

How to Detox:

  1. Product loaded hair becomes lank and heavy. If your hair drops a curl quickly or is heavy and lacks luster, chances are it’s in need of a detox. Product build-up can make hair heavier. Fact.
  2. Use a gentle detox shampoo to strip the hair of any product build-up. Specifically created detox shampoos will protect the hair during this process to eliminate damage.
  3. Use a scalp exfoliator – Yes, just like you exfoliate your skin, your scalp needs exfoliating too. Rub the scalp exfoliator into your scalp in a circular motion, before making your way down to the tips. It will feel a bit like sand to begin with, but it will do your hair wonders. Then rinse with fresh water.
  4. Wash your hair again using the detox shampoo to remove any remaining scalp exfoliator.
  5. Use a nourishing and soothing conditioner to add moisture to your scalp and hair follicle.
  6. Rinse with cold water as this will close the cuticles and add a beautiful sheen.
  7. Result: Your hair and scalp should feel fresh, light and squeaky clean!


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