Do we need a recycling reward system in Britain?

People should be rewarded for how much they recycle instead of being penalised for putting out too much rubbish, reveals a new public opinion survey

The study, carried out by YouGov, found that 63 per cent of people in Britain would support the councils’ use of a reward system so as to encourage people to recycle more.

Find out about another YouGov study.

68 councils across Britain have introduced microchips into wheelie bins so as to measure the amount of rubbish that is being thrown out from each house. They are then charged a fine for filling their bins too high.

This move has been criticised by some who say this will not encourage people to reduce their amount of rubbish.

Councils in Windsor and Maidenhead have already introduced a system called Recycle Bank where people are rewarded for recycling with cinema vouchers, theatre tickets and gift vouchers.

Read more about public opinion in YouGov surveys.

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