Filling the DIY Skills Gap with Amtech

Is it true that young consumers lack the skills and experience to tackle DIY jobs? We asked the experts from Amtech for their insight

Is there a ‘generational skills gap’ in DIY?

The industry insights that we evaluated before rebranding Amtech suggested that younger consumers lacked the skills and experience to use DIY products confidently, so we ensured that instructions on our packaging were more simplified and we also created personalised video tutorials to educate end-users of our tools.

It’s also widely believed that 24-to-39-year-olds (Millennials) were primarily behind the DIY boom during the Covid pandemic and Google saw a 300% rise in people searching for ‘how to paint’. Additionally, we saw a 116% rise in watch time on our YouTube channel.

What are some easy jobs that anyone ought to be able to do around the house?

We would hope that most people can change a light bulb or a domestic plug and if not, YouTube is a great repository for educational content and informative how-to videos across multiple tasks around the home, garage or garden. However, understanding how to use specific tools can sometimes be a challenge, and that’s where we fill that void for people purchasing our hand tools and power tools.

Amtech garden

What are the most useful basic tools for the garden?

In order to get you going on any garden project you have in mind, we would suggest that gloves are a must and choosing the right type based on the task is also quite key, as is the size and fit.

In terms of hand tools, we would suggest that no one should be without a good pair of pruning shears to reign in plants and shrubs that are getting out of control. We would also suggest long-handled loppers to trim and reach thicker branches that require maintaining. Worth noting that you can purchase anvil or bypass loppers which are more precise, so worth doing some research beforehand to understand the difference.

Amtech screws

What are the most useful basic tools for the house?

Any household should at least have access to a set of screwdrivers to manage and solve quick fixes. A claw hammer is also useful for pounding nails or extracting them. A couple of different size wrenches also come in handy to loosen and tighten both nuts and bolts. A basic pair of pliers always come in handy, as well as a tape measure and utility knife.
Nails, screws, and an electric drill will also assist with general building tasks around the home.

Amtech car

What are the most useful basic tools for the car and bicycle?

A socket set for the car is a good starting point as any budding mechanic would tell you, as well as a torque wrench and work light.

For avid bikers we would recommend a performance cycle pump, hex key and spanners. Microfibre cloths also come in very handy, as do USB chargeable lights for the front and rear.

What are the most useful basic power tools?

A circular saw is a very versatile and high-powered cutting tool and a must-have for any workshop, and no one should be without a cordless drill to power through home improvement tasks with ease. A battery powered drill gives your portability and can allow you to drill pilot holes as well as fasten screws into various substrates such as wood, plastic, and metal.

For DIY enthusiasts, we would also recommend an electric sander to help you restore, smooth and repair timber surfaces. It also comes in handy for removing paint from flooring.

Amtech spanner

What’s the importance of the correct safety and workwear?

Safety clothing is important as it protects users against any health and safety risks in the workplace. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) essentially lessens the likelihood of injury, illness, and potential legal issues arising from misuse. Safety wear in any working environment is of paramount importance and should never be underestimated if you want to create a safe and happy working environment.

There are various types of safety wear for different parts of the body depending on your requirements and tasks, so research beforehand is key.

Amtech video

Where can I find some tutorial videos to help me improve my DIY skills?

Although there are many and varied how to videos available on platforms such as YouTube, we actually specialise in product-related tutorials, as we are trying to bridge the generational skills gap in DIY, so helping end-users learn the necessary skills to use specific hand and power tools is critical to their success and ours.

You can view our personalised video tutorials at or you can subscribe to our Amtech DIY YouTube channel and if you do have a product-related question, then simply ask us online.

What’s the history and philosophy of Amtech?

DK Tools Limited is the company behind the award winning Amtech brand and we began over 30 years ago as a small, family-run market stall in West London. In fact, the stall still exists and is now run by one of our longest serving customers!

Now based in North West London, we have nearly 50 employees and a state-of-the-art facility with eco-friendly lighting. We are proud to have grown into one of the most successful British DIY and Home Improvement companies on the market.

We are also a member of the British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA) and our company vision is to improve every home and life as far as we can reach.

Amtech get it done

Where can I find out more about Amtech tools and products?

For trade customers it’s and we also have a dedicated website for end-users of our products at, where you can view our comprehensive range of tools for the home, garage and garden or purchase direct via

Our automotive range is available from Euro Car Parts and our Hobby and Craft tools can be purchased from The Range. You will also see our tools available in local DIY and hardware stores.

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