DIY is no longer only man’s business – women will fix it too.

A new study has revealed that women no longer expect DIY to be a man’s job!

Stereotypically, helpless women would always call upon the man of the house to do jobs, such as wallpapering and fixing the leaky tap. However a study, carried out by, found that this is no longer the case.

The study found that 51 per cent of women would prefer to complete DIY tasks themselves. Just 26 per cent admitted that they still call for help from their man for these jobs.

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Out of all the tasks painting was found to be the most popular, with 51 per cent preferring to do this task over hanging a picture on the wall.

Tommy Walsh, TV DIY expert, said, ‘It is refreshing to see that DIY is now a task for both sexes to enjoy, instead of it always sitting firmly in the lap on the man of the house.’

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