Design and Innovation in Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen has become a hi-tech arena for innovation and design excellence. We asked the experts from Gastroback® for some insights into the world of culinary technology

• What are the latest design trends in kitchen appliances?
Compact appliances with unique finishes. Stainless steel continues to be popular but some consumers are also seeking new options that are still sophisticated. A purposeful innovation is equally important. Like many aspects of the home, smart features are infiltrating the kitchen – and homeowners expect them. Another up-and-coming trend in the world of 2020 kitchen appliances is the larger introduction of finger-touch and swipe controls.

• How can kitchen appliances contribute to healthy eating?
With juices and smoothies, combined with a change in diet, lost energy returns in the form of vitamins and minerals, and the juicers from GASTROBACK® are the ideal companions for every juice or detox cure. A special advantage: when you do your own fruit and vegetables juices, you know exactly what is in them. You only drink the pure ingredients in the form of eg. fruit, vegetables or green leaves – free of industrial sugar or other additives.

• What are the basic kitchen appliances for breakfast?
A standard kettle and toaster are often seen as the two essential breakfast appliances. However, there are so many more appliances that can be added to create a perfect breakfast environment such as a Coffee Machine (with or without coffee grinder), or an Espresso machine, an electronic Tea Maker with different temperature settings, an Egg Cooker, a Hot Chocolate Maker and even a Citrus Press for a freshly made orange juice. GASTROBACK® has all those products in their range.

• Can a modern kettle do more than just boil water?
Absolutely, modern kettles, or electronic kettles, have a number of additional features over a standard kettle most notably adjustable temperatures for different types of tea (with tea basket), eg. green, herbal, oolong, white, black tea, etc. and keep-warm functions.

Brewing programmes can also be included and they often come with illuminated LCD displays for easy operating as well as acoustic signals. One of GASTROBACK® temperature-controlled Tea Makers even comes with a food insert to eg. warm-up baby food to the perfect temperature or to indulge in a chocolate fondue.

• What is the most flexible type of kitchen appliance?
The 62823 Design Automatic Bread Maker Advanced by GASTROBACK® delivers fresh, fragrant breads and cakes without a great deal of fuss. Apart from baking various types of bread, incl. Gluten free, the bread maker can knead dough for pasta, pizza or bread rolls.

In addition, the appliance can also be used to produce refined jams, yoghurt and ice cream (with ice bucket accessory). It also has an ingredients compartment for nuts, seeds, fruits or chocolate sprinkles for automatic phase-in during baking. Eighteen programmes are stored in the appliance for all these purposes including an option for a customised programme.

62823 Design Automatic Bread Maker Advanced by GASTROBACK®

• What can I do with a dehydrator?
A dehydrator is an appliance that removes moisture from food to aid in its preservation for a healthy way of eating. Food drying is a method of preserving fruit, vegetables and meats that has been practiced for a very long time. GASTROBACK® has a compact 46600 Design Dehydrator Natural Plus in their range. It has six drying grids (BPA free) with a total drying area of 4,800 cm². It even comes with two cereal bar moulds for eight homemade cereal bars.

• Are there kitchen appliances I can use to enjoy barbecue food indoors?
GASTROBACK® has a number of table grills and contact grills for indoor use. Our flagship grill, the versatile 42539 Design BBQ Advanced Control, is a six-times award winner in 2020 including winner of the prestigious ‘reddot’ Award, ‘Brand of the Year’ and ‘Product of the Year’ (PLUS X) Awards, making it the undisputed BBQ champion on the market.

The grill has six BBQ programs with pre-set temperatures, a grill contact area of approx. 816 cm² (34x24cm) or, when unfolded, a large barbecue contact grill area of approx. 1632cm³.

Furthermore, it has removable (dishwasher-proof) grill plates, an integrated grill thermometer (temperature probe) which determines the exact core temperature of the cooked food and many more features.

• What’s the history and philosophy of GASTROBACK®?
GASTROBACK® was founded in 1989. Our head office is in Hollenstedt, near Hamburg, in Germany. The name reflects the company’s mission to make professional technology in the gastronomy sector usable in the kitchen.

GASTROBACK® is a modern premium brand that focuses on design, quality materials, professional function and safety. GASTROBACK® products bring innovations into the consumer’s kitchen that are otherwise only available to gastronomy professionals. In other words, what makes the kitchen professional’s job easier and allows them to achieve top results, of course, also helps in the domestic kitchen.

GASTROBACK® are in the process of expanding into more and more export markets including the UK to continue its successful journey.

• Where can I find GASTROBACK® products and find out more about the company?
We are only in the beginning by entering the UK market. For the time being GASTROBACK® products are predominantly available through a number of online platforms including our own new website for the UK. Availability through retailers will follow as a next step.

More details about GASTROBACK® can be found on and you can contact GASTROBACK® at

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