Protecting Kids’ Teeth From Decay

What’s the best way to prevent tooth decay in kids? We asked the experts from BioMin® F for Kids – Armour for Teeth!

As parents, we want the best for our children and should establish good toothbrushing habits that will give strong, healthy teeth throughout their lives. BioMin® F for Kids is a toothpaste that incorporates the latest scientific research in toothpaste technology and is a great choice for the future of your children’s teeth.

Tooth decay is largely preventable. However, one in four of all five-year-olds in the UK suffer with it. Tooth extraction is the main cause of hospital admission for young children and has risen by 24 percent over the past ten years. Tooth decay causes considerable pain and distress for children, but also leads to sleepless nights, poor general health and absence from school.

Tooth decay occurs because acids are produced when we consume something sugary and the acid attacks tooth surfaces. Almost everything we eat contains sugar – sweets, crisps, carbonated fizzy drinks and even healthier options such as fruit and fruit juices. Frequent consumption, or grazing, makes the problem worse because the natural healing effect of saliva does not have sufficient time to neutralise the acid. During the Covid-19 lockdown, consumption of fizzy drinks and crisps increased by 30 percent, and with the lack of available dental appointments, children’s dental health is set to be in crisis.


The first step towards improving the future of your children’s teeth is to encourage healthy eating habits and limit snacking. The second step is to supervise teeth brushing twice daily and ensure any build-up of plaque is removed from the tooth surface. This is particularly important because if the plaque is not removed, it will convert sugars to acid and attack the tooth surface. Using a fluoride toothpaste helps to strengthen the teeth and makes the tooth surface more resistant to acid attack. BioMin® F for Kids toothpaste is unique because it provides fluoride for up to 12 hours after brushing, whilst the fluoride in other toothpastes is washed away within a couple of hours.

BioMin® has been developed by Professor Robert Hill and his research team at Queen Mary University of London over the past ten years. Fine particles in the toothpaste stick to the teeth for up to 12 hours after brushing and slowly dissolve, releasing a mix of fluoride, calcium and phosphate minerals. Together these minerals protect the teeth, repair any early signs of decay and reduce the level of acidity in the mouth. Professor Hill says “To make the most effective use of fluoride, you also need a source of calcium and phosphate” – BioMin® F for Kids does this uniquely, providing “Armour for Teeth”.


BioMin® F for Kids is the only toothpaste that provides a long, continuous supply of fluoride. Research shows that fluoride concentrations don’t need to be as high as traditional toothpastes. This is ideal for children who are likely to swallow and digest toothpaste, potentially leading to fluorosis. BioMin® F for Kids provides children with longer levels of protection with safe levels of fluoride concentration.

BioMin® F for Kids is designed for children over 3 years of age. It is available in a choice of two fruity flavours – Strawberry and Melon – as a gel. A friendly dinosaur character, Bino, appears on the box and other support materials, and has been designed to make toothbrushing fun for children. The products have undergone extensive scientific tests ensuring their safety. In addition, no animal testing has been undertaken; it is approved to meet Halal standards and is suitable for vegans.

BioMin® F for Kids is available priced £4.99 for a 35ml/50g tube online from Upbeat Care.

Bino’s guide for kids’ dental health

• Toothbrushing should begin as soon as the first teeth appear, make it fun so they enjoy the routine each day
• Brushing should occur twice a day, in the morning and before bedtime
• Only apply a small smear of BioMin® F for Kids
• Use a soft toothbrush designed for children, use small circular movements, working methodically around the mouth and gums
• Teach them to spit out without rinsing, this keeps the toothpaste on the teeth longer
• Supervise tooth brushing until at least seven years of age
• Take your child to the dentist as young as you can, so they become familiar with the dental chair and are not frightened.
• Restrict sugary food and drinks to mealtimes, and offer healthy snacks like cheese, vegetables and fruit in between. Water and milk are the best drinks to offer children

For adults, there is also BioMin® F with a minty flavour. This offers all the same advantages as BioMin® F for Kids so the whole family can protect their teeth for up to 24 hours when brushing twice daily!

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