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The results of face sculpting can be achieved in a variety of ways, but which method is right for you?

The world’s obsession with symmetrical features, prominent cheekbones and razor-sharp jawlines is at an all-time high. Fortunately, there are now several ways to achieve a chiselled aesthetic. We compare the most common methods of face sculpting— makeup contouring versus cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic procedures

Face sculpting procedures—both surgical and non-surgical—present a longer lasting solution to achieving a chiselled visage. However, considerations to pricing and invasiveness are both key influencers  for potential clients. 


Injectable dermal fillers are a popular choice for plumping the skin along the cheekbones and adding volume to shape the face. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes and involves no stitching. Most fillers will last around a year, meaning touch-ups are necessary. 


Smoothing out wrinkles and lines can contribute to a youthful appearance. Botox injections can be used to target glabellar lines (or frown lines) that appear between the eyebrows. When injected into the muscle, Botox causes wrinkles to relax and soften. Botox is another option that lasts for several months. 


Rhinoplasty—commonly referred to as a ‘nose job’—is a procedure that modifies the shape and size of the nose. Smoothing out lumps and imperfections, it is a permanent fix that can contribute to an overall sculpted appearance. Bruising and swelling are both symptoms of rhinoplasty; recovery usually takes as little as a few weeks.

Chin and jawline 

Cryolipolysis is a common option for people wishing to remove excess fat from the submental area of the face and neck and create a chiselled jawline. The procedure destroys fat cells by freezing them, which works to reshape the body. Its popularity is credited to its minimally invasive approach. 


Years ago, makeup contouring was an obscure technique used only for the purpose of photo shoots. Now it’s a worldwide phenomenon, made famous by reality TV star Kim Kardashian West when she tweeted a picture of herself practicing the art. 


Highlighter should be used on the apples of the cheeks to brighten and add a glow. A sweeping contour line should be applied to the hollow area below the cheekbone to create a subtle shadow, adding definition to the face. 


The outer edging of the forehead requires lowlighting whilst the central section—stemming from the top of the nose—should be illuminated with a lighter pigment. If you have a thin forehead, extend the highlighter to give the appearance of breadth. 


Most people tend to desire a narrow nose. For this effect, line both sides of your nose starting from the brows with the dark contour shade. Apply highlighter down the length in the centre for a sharper appearance. 

Chin and jawline 

Using a downward stroke, sweep the dark pigment along the line of the jaw. Draw a small inverted triangle on the base of your chin with your highlighter; this will create the illusion of a petite, pointed chin.

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