Create the Ideal Study Area

The growing number of self-employed and remote workers means that the study area has become an important part of many homes.

Stripped back

Rather than filling a study area with wall-to-wall filing cabinets, technological advances like cloud storage means you can store all your documents online, letting you create minimalist offices that only contain the essentials.

Multipurpose spaces

Maximise an efficient use of space by creating offices with dual functions—like a family study area that functions as a space where parents and children can work at the same time.

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Be practical

Try not to get carried away with aesthetics. You might like the idea of having a tiny vintage desk in your study but is it going to be able to accommodate all your work? That feature wall painted in bright blue might look striking, but is it too distracting?

Keep it separate

Converting your garden shed into a study area is ideal for those with messy or noisy jobs, like artists or musicians. It can also be a wise choice for those who, because they work from home, would like to maintain a separation between their work and domestic lives.


Customise your office to your specific needs—for example, those looking to keep active might opt for an adjustable desk that lets them stand up and work.

An efficient study area is important to creating a comfortable work environment, read more on Celebrity Angels about ways to improve your home.

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