Could your diet be affecting your hay fever symptoms

While summer may be a season filled with picnics in the park and sunbathing at the beach, for hay fever sufferers it is also a season occupied by itchy eyes, running nose, wheezing as their body tries to cope with the allergy

Hay fever affects 1 in four people in the UK, says Philip Weeks, an expert in natural medicine, herbs and nutrition. However, by altering your diet you can dramatically reduce your symptoms.

Weeks says, ‘I advise many of my patients to avoid wheat and dairy during the hay fever season which can reduce symptoms dramatically.’

By adding the following foods to your daily diet, Weeks believes that you can also lessen your symptoms:

In the form of tea and soup it can help with itchy eyes and sneezing.
Contains the anti inflammatory enzyme bromelain which can help to relieve a bunged up nose.
Rose Hip Tea                                 
Contains Vitamin C and helps the body deal with allergies.
Onions, garlic and apples                  
They all contain ‘quercetin’ a strong natural antihistamine.

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