Could Regenerative Orthopaedics Be For You?

The growing field of regenerative medicine has opened a promising gateway into non-surgical treatment methods and in particular, the use of regenerative orthopaedics to treat damage joints and tendons. In order to highlight the benefits of regenerative orthopaedics, we’ll be providing an authentic narration of a patient testimony.

Jane is an active middle-aged lady, working as a chef in a small restaurant in the seaside resort. She enjoys walking her dogs on the beach and cycling along country lanes; however, her job is demanding. Jane spends long hours on her feet in the restaurant and a few months ago she noticed some pain on the side of her knee. She ignored it and carried out as usual. But the pain kept getting worse.

The Road of Conventional Treatments

She skipped her biking on Saturdays and shortened her walks with the dogs. Two months later she had to take time off work, as she was unable to carry on with her job. She tried simple painkillers and her GP sent her for physiotherapy. It didn’t help and her pain got gradually worse. She had an appointment with orthopaedic surgeon, who arranged a knee MRI scan for her. He explained that her meniscus or cartilage had torn and suggested an arthroscopy. He said that he would remove a part of the meniscus and it should help elevate the pain.

Although, Jane wasn’t convinced; she did some research and came across a clinic that offered stem cells injection into the knee and booked a consultation. The specialist reviewed her MRI scan and advised that she would be a good candidate for stem cells treatment. She decided to give it a go and now, three months following her treatment she acclaims: “After 6 weeks, I went for the first time for a small walk and I had no pain, though my knee still felt a little bit weak. Since that day my knee has gotten stronger and faster when I walk longer distances. I have no pain when I go up the stairs and little by little I got my life back! I’m so happy!”

Regaining Independence

Not only has Jane managed to go back to work, but she has also gone back to enjoying her life as she used to. She is one of many patients, who have decided to try stem cell treatment instead of surgical intervention. There is a growing evidence that stem cells are safe and effective in the treatment of many orthopaedic conditions such as: mild and moderate arthritis, torn ligaments, sport injuries and so on. On the other hand, there are many recently published papers , which question the rationale of surgical interventions in cases such as: shoulder decompression, meniscus surgery and spine fusion.

Modern regenerative orthopaedics was born sometime twenty-five years ago. Since then several thousands of patients have had successful treatments and thus avoided surgery. It has been proven that stem cells and platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments are safe for patients providing a reputable provider carries them out. It is worthwhile doing in-depth research before committing to the treatment. A reputable provided should be able to prove their training and be able to present their results. In case of any doubts it is better to walk away and search for another one.

Regenerative orthopaedics is both an interesting and promising alternative to many surgical interventions.

The meeting of Dr Juozaitis and Dr Kirkor in 2010 at the Shrewsbury & Telford Hospitals NHS trust spurned the creation of an interventional pain management services for the Trust. The trust has been running smoothly and successfully for several years, treating countless patients with complex pain problems.

However in 2017, Dr Juozaitis and Dr Krikor both with their experience specialising in Pain Medicine & Anaesthesia, decided to create Algocells. Alogocells would be dedicated to the practice of regenerative orthopaedics and in January 2018, Algocells became Regenexx affiliated with Dr Juozaitis and Dr Kirkor going on to become Regenexx providers after extensive training in the USA. In May 2018, Algocells opened its first clinics in Birmingham and London, becoming the first Regenexx provider in the UK.

To learn more visit and follow @Algocells on Facebook and LinkedIn!

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