Could a 1970s Revival be the Next Interiors Trend?

The decade that style forgot could be making a comeback in your home

If you associate the 1970s with the colour beige, flared trousers, and The Sweeney, think again – the decade’s forgotten style is the latest trend in interior decor.

In fact, the 1970s, often thought of as the decade style forgot, are back in fashion, music, movies and technology too, with chunky platform shoes, hippy chic and metallics back on the catwalk, Charlie’s Angels in the cinemas, and hipsters buying vinyl records and cassette players again.

In interiors, the 1970s trend is making its way into kitchen design, upholstery, flooring and even furniture – a 1972 tubular-steel-framed Ikea armchair recently sold at auction for £1,968. In 1972 it would have cost you £30.

Modern taste

But isn’t the ’70s mainly remembered for the sheer ghastliness of its designs and colour palettes? Maybe so, which is why canny 2020s designers are taking the bits they like, but adding a splash of modern sophistication and taste to the mix.

Atrafloor Psychedelic vinyl floor covering

Take the new range of vintage design vinyl flooring from Atrafloor, designed to bring an element of retro-chic and nostalgic design into your home. From iconic, bold designs inspired by Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock, to delicate vintage patterns like Dorothy and Chrysler, no matter if your interiors are traditional or modern in styling, it’s easy to find flooring from the retro range that will match brilliantly with your modern colour schemes and decor.

If you’re going for the ’70s look, designs like Peace, Groovy and Psychedelic will suit you, but Atrafloor’s range actually covers ’50s, ’60s, and ’80s styles too.

Costing around £59 per m2, the patterned vinyl flooring combines excellent print detail with outstanding durability, and is customisable to your specifications, and to match your desired colour scheme. Atrafloor can even produce custom floor coverings using your own photos or designs.

Splash of colour

So are the 1970s really the latest thing in interior design? It looks like they might offer just the sort of splash of colour and funkiness we all need to cheer things up.

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