Cosmetics named as item people can’t live without

Cosmetics are the most popular thing that people are unable to live without, a survey has revealed

The study, carried out by YouGov, asked over 1,000 panelists what luxury item they would take with them if the were stranded on a desert island.

Popularised from Radio 4’s Desert Island Disk programme where celebrities are asked which eight songs, book and luxury item they would take with them if they were stuck on an island.

The YouGov survey found that 17 per cent of their panelists chose cosmetics, which includes products such as make-up, moisturiser, sun cream, shampoo and a toothbrush.

Another 13 per cent chose food and drink, whilst 11 per cent chose to bring an electrical item such as a laptop or iPhone.

At a time when people are constantly being scrutinised for how they look, whether it’s for being too skinny or too fat, it is perhaps not surprising that cosmetics have topped this list.

However, what is a surprise is that only 3 per cent stated that they would bring a vehicle to escape off the island.

By Lauren King

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