Confusion over holiday vaccinations

Many Brits are confused about which countries require holiday vaccinations before they travel there

The study, carried out by You Gov, found that 61 per cent of British people incorrectly thought that extra holiday vaccinations were not needed to travel to Russia.

Another 62 per cent believed that jabs were not needed for travel to Romania, when in fact they are.

Countries which gained the most correct answers regarding vaccinations included Nigeria and Kenya, where 88 per cent of Brits correctly said that vaccinations were needed to travel to these places.

The NHS guide to vaccinations states: There’s no point spending hours choosing your swimwear, beach bag and flip-flops if you barely think about the bugs and other health risks that could ruin your holiday. Almost one in four UK holidaymakers doesn’t get any vaccinations despite travelling to areas that have life-threatening infectious diseases.

For more information on which countries require you to get a vaccination, visit the NHS website.

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