Win an Intergas Xclusive Combi Boiler and Standard One-metre Flue Worth £1,000

You can win a fabulous Intergas Xclusive combi boiler worth £1,000 in this amazing competition!

The Intergas Xclusive combi is one of a kind. It emits the lowest level of NOx of any boiler on the market*.

But that’s not all, the revolutionary design of its bithermic heat exchanger enables it to condense virtually all the time, which keeps carbon emissions and energy bills low. It’s really flexible and can easily be converted to a system boiler or even a multipoint water heater.

It’s smart too and comes with built-in software that enables your installer to keep an eye on boiler performance remotely (if that’s what you want), and stop a problem from developing; you’ll need to have our Gateway installed to be able to use the remote facility.

In addition, you can download our free app and turn your smartphone into a smart thermostat to control or reprogramme your central heating from wherever you are.

For added piece of mind, the Xclusive comes with a free 10-year parts and labour warranty; if the Intergas System Filter is fitted at the same time as the boiler, we’ll add another two years to the warranty, taking it to 12. (The boiler and filter must be registered with us first.)

Please note this boiler must only be installed and commissioned by a Gas Safe-registered installer. We can provide advice on Gas Safe-registered installers in the winner’s area.

*Only emits between 17.06-20.33mg/kWh depending on the model.

Intergas is a Dutch company that has been at the forefront of condensing boiler technology for over 30 years. In fact, the Netherlands was the first country to take the energy efficiency credentials of boilers seriously and, in 1989 when Intergas launched its first condensing boiler there, it soon became brand leader.

Available in the UK since 2008, you can choose from a wide selection of smart boilers. And, while each range has its own individual benefits, all are built using robust materials (for example, the casing is aluminium, the heat exchanger aluminium and copper) and plastic is kept to the absolute minimum (there are only three plastic components in any of our boilers).

Finally, as the Xclusive only has four moving parts and no diverter valve – a faulty diverter valve is the biggest cause of boiler breakdown – it’s one of the most reliable boilers you can buy. But, if you’re lucky, you might not have to buy this one!

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