Win a Luxury Hamper of Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef Worth Over £150

What makes Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef so special? Welsh farmers only believe in using the best of everything; the finest grass, sharpest sheepdogs and best kept husbandry secrets. No wonder it’s been awarded PGI status, the highly sought after marque which guarantees that you are buying a premium quality product.

Red meat is naturally rich in protein and the vitamins and minerals it contains offer many health benefits. For example, it can support our bodies’ blood pressure control; eye and skin health; bone health; muscle and nervous function; reproductive health; hair and nails; oxygen transport to prevent us feeling tired; along with immune function and cognitive function. It can also help us with concentration and can offer us sustained energy to get on with our daily lives.

Red meat contains the types of iron and zinc that are better absorbed by our bodies than those found in any other dietary sources. Haem iron from red meat is 2-6 times better absorbed than non-haem iron sources. And fully trimmed lean raw beef typically contains only 5% fat, comparing well with a food such as Cheddar cheese, which contains an average of 34% fat.


Eating tasty Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef as part of a healthy balanced diet is an excellent way of making sure you are getting what you need for good health – as nature intended.

We have one luxury hamper of delicious and nutritious Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef to give away! Perfectly balanced for a healthy diet, Welsh meat is rich in protein, iron and essential vitamins for growth, development and brain health.

For your chance to win this fantastic prize, just answer the following question:

This competition ends on 30th August, 2024.

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