Win a Four-month Supply of Nourished Kids Personalised Gummy Vitamins Worth Over £110!

We know getting the kids to take their vitamins every morning can be a nightmare… Help your little ones form a healthy new daily habit they’ll actually enjoy with brand-new Nourished Kids!

Nourished Kids is the world’s first 3D printed, personalised gummy vitamins for kids, personalised to your child’s individual needs using the answers provided in our quick online quiz.

These take into account lifestyle factors such as screen time, diet and level of physical activity, as well as overall health. You can get the kids involved in answering our questions too, with some designed specially for youngsters.

So, what goes into the Nourished Kids stacks?

Every Nourished Kids gummy vitamin is carefully formulated, containing a core blend of essential vitamins and nutrients to help support your child’s healthy development:

What else is in your child’s stack?

The additional ingredients in your child’s stack will be chosen based on the information gathered during the consultation and could be one of over 15 different superfoods, vitamins, minerals or actives like;

* Tart Cherry: has been shown to support healthy sleep patterns, immunity and cognitive brain function.
* K2 Vital Delta: has been shown to contribute to the maintenance of normal bones.
* Beetroot: is naturally rich in nitrates and antioxidants – has been shown to support good heart health.
* Lycopene: powerful antioxidant support for healthy eyes, heart and bones.

What’s in the box?

Their Nourished Stacks will arrive each month in a letterbox-friendly package, with your child’s name printed on each wrapped stack for that added layer of excitement. Each box contains 28 tasty, sugar-free vegan gummies and is delivered direct to your door.

The Nourished Kids stacks are not only personalised to your child’s nutritional needs, but there’s also three tasty flavours to choose from too – blackcurrant, orange or strawberry – as well as a sweet or sour option, so no matter what tickles your child’s taste buds they are sure to find a combo they love.

No nasties, just Nourishment!

We know what goes into your kids’ bodies is incredibly important, which is why we’ve made sure that every Nourished Kids stack is non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and uses no artificial flavours or colours.

Are you ready to discover truly personalised nutrition for your little one?

Take the quiz on the website to find out which Nourishments are best suited for your child’s unique needs!

For your chance to win a four month supply of Nourished Kids personalised gummy vitamins worth over £110, simply answer the question below….

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Congratulations to the winner Angie Jackson.
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