Cold and flu, how to keep winter viruses at bay

Cold and Flu will inevitably hit many people during the winter period. Unfortunately both viruses cannot be cured; therefore the best approach is still prevention. Here are some of the best ways to stay one step ahead and beat those pesky viruses before they even begin.



A good nights sleep is essential in order to build up your immune system, to prevent cold and flu symptoms. When you are tired your body doesn’t have the strength to fight, so give yourself a head start and aim for around 8-10 hours of sleep every night.

Cut out the alcohol and cigarettes

Alcohol dehydrates the body and heavy use suppresses the immune system while cigarette smoke dries out nasal passages and paralyses the hairs that line the mucus membranes. This affects the body’s ability to sweep away viruses.


Wash your hands

This is perhaps quite an obvious one, but maintaining strict hand hygiene is essential during the cold and flu season. This reduces the risk of catching cold and flu through touching infected surfaces and infected individuals. You should also avoid touching your face as the virus commonly enters your body when you touch your nose, mouth or eyes with infected hands.


Regular exercise keeps you fit and gives your immune system a boost. It also works to increase the number of virus-killing cells in your body, which could help prevent infections or speed up recovery and reduce the intensity of cold and flu symptoms.


Get your fill of Pytochemicals

Natural chemicals in plants or ‘Pytochemicals’ boost vitamins in your food. Make sure you stock up on plenty of red, yellow and dark green vegetables and fruits.



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