Cocktails for Gin Lovers

It’s an incredibly exciting time in the world of gin.

From a crop of new, independent distilleries to dedicated gin bars popping up all over the country, the historical spirit is enjoying a modern renaissance.

The juniper-based spirit has come a long way from the infamous ‘mother’s ruin’ of the gin-crazed 18th century. Contemporary gin can be created from a range of botanicals sourced from around the globe, each distillery producing a spirit with its own distinctive character and flavour profile.

As well as exotic ingredients like lemongrass and lime peel, native Scottish plants are used including lavender, mulberries and pine buds, to give gin its unique flavour. Gin works well in a variety of different cocktails, as well as the ever-popular G&T. As well as a refreshing drink, gin also makes a wonderful partner for a variety of different foods. We’ve curated a selection of three different pairings of gin-based serves, that work beautifully with light bites, main meals or sweet treats, for all your juniper-themed dinner party needs!


Keep it simple with this cocktail-hour classic which mixes six parts gin with one part dry vermouth and a pickled onion garnish; the ideal drink to pique the taste buds. Distinctively savoury, this is a drink for anyone whose allegiance lies with the cheeseboard rather than the cheesecake.

When it comes to assembling your board, choose hard, strong cheeses like granular parmesan, nutty Gruyère, or a sharp vintage Cheddar to compliment the clean aromatics of the gin. If you’re adding in some cold cuts, meats with a decent fat content— like salami, chorizo or speck—work wonderfully against the briny tang of the Gibson.  

The G&T

At dinner time, why not swap wine or beer for a crisp, dry G&T to accompany your main course. Not only a terrific palate cleanser, it’s the ideal partner to that classic British favourite, fish and chips. The perfect serve always depends upon your personal taste, but we recommend a ratio of one part gin to two parts quality tonic. The range of possible garnishes now fans out far beyond the go-to wedge of citrus, but in this case, a generous slice of zesty lemon would be an excellent choice. 

You’ve heard of beer-battered fish and chips, but what about gin-battered? Believe it or not, it can be done! The herbaceous botanicals in gin lend themselves fabulously to fresh fish, and when served with golden chips, it’s a match made in heaven. The zesty tang of a perfectly poured G&T offers a slightly more sophisticated sip than the customary cup of tea.

Gin Old Fashioned

Whether as a digestif or nightcap, desserts present another opportunity to enjoy a gin cocktail. Cut through the sweetness with something on the bitter side, like a twist on the Old Fashioned using gin in place of bourbon. Sugar, bitters and a dash of water combine with gin’s aromatics to make a drink that’s at once beautifully familiar and entirely unexpected. Garnish with orange peel and sip at leisure.

By all means, rustle up a flourless chocolate cake, or silky chocolate mousse if the mood takes you, but for those times when sweet simplicity will suffice, a square or two of chocolate can be just as rewarding for the palate. Just make sure it’s of impeccable quality; at least 70 percent cocoa solids, organic and Fair Trade if possible. Choose a sea-salted or ginger-spiced version to balance the warmth of the Gin Old Fashioned.


Edinburgh Gin have been creating award-winning gins in the heart of Edinburgh since 2010. Discover their full range—including their hugely popular fruit gin liqueurs—as well as a range of classic and contemporary cocktail suggestions, at

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