What’s On Netflix this Christmas?

We are rapidly approaching the most wonderful time of the year where you can almost guarantee you will be getting some new socks, certainly find yourself overdoing it on the red wine and most definitely be replaying THAT Mariah Carey song for the 138th time making you really believe that all she wants for Christmas is actually you.

But don’t worry, things will get even more exciting when the whole family gather round the firepit during the evening and the kids put on Home Alone for the fifth Christmas in a row.

Gets a bit boring and repetitive doesn’t it? This is where we come in. This year, a wide range of brand-new festive films have been released on Netflix to cure the repetitiveness. We look at five of the best.

Father Christmas Is Back

This festive comedy, featuring the likes of John Cleese and Kelsey Grammer, centres around four sisters, who are at loggerheads with each other but are reunited for the Christmas holidays in an extremely big Yorkshire mansion. There, they reunite with their long-lost father as they uncover the truth to why their family has been torn apart.

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