Christmas Kitchen Wars: Traditional vs. Tech

New developments in technology continue to impact our daily lives, and the kitchen is no exception

There are gadgets for everything, from improving cooking performance to the ability to cook healthier food. Consumers are increasingly seeking new and innovative technology with features that are personalised to the way they like to cook. Around 67 percent of Brits say that they love trying new recipes—but are apps the way forward? While many people like to stick to their well-grounded recipe books, we want to discuss the benefits of using technology to meet your cooking needs.

Save space, time and money

If your kitchen is full of clutter, mobile apps could be the perfect solution to help you clear your kitchen. Cookbooks not only take up a lot of room in the kitchen, but a large collection can also add up in cost. A mobile app can save you space by storing all of your favourite recipes on your smartphone or tablet. Save time by easily and quickly searching for all your favourite recipes at once in seconds and save money, as you can find and try online recipes for free. 

Edit recipes as you go

Have you ever found what you think is the perfect recipe but have wound up scribbling your own ideas all over it? With some interactive recipe apps, you can edit the details of an individual recipe as many times as you like. No more endless printing or quick scribbles that you cannot quite read correctly. An interactive recipe app will allow you to capture online recipes with interactive weights, times and temperatures then edit it to make it your own. Some apps will allow you to simply download and save recipes from popular websites at the click of a button. Apps can also allow you to share some of your own recipes by manually creating them. Whether you want to make terrific turkey or the perfect pudding, you can have your favourite recipes at the ready. If you wish to make changes to a recipe you have found, you can simply go in and edit the recipe as needed. If you are allergic to an ingredient and need to change it, simply swap it for something else or remove it from the ingredients list. Interactive portion sizes can also allow you to adjust the portions for extra dinner guests. Simply change the recipe from four to six people and all the ingredient quantities will scale up automatically. Let the apps do the maths for you. 

No more forgetting ingredients

Apps can provide you with a strike-through feature—you can cross off things off as you go along, so it’s easy to keep track of where you are when following a recipe. Cross off steps as you go; if the phone rings or you get distracted, it’s easy to pinpoint where you left off. Have all your favourite recipe ingredients list readily available on your mobile device wherever you are. You can even use a strike-through feature as you make your way around the supermarket to ensure no essentials are forgotten.

Share the fun

The fun doesn’t have to end once the cooking is complete. Share your culinary creations with your loved ones whether they are in the kitchen or across the country with the touch of a button. Share the fun of food with your family and friends this Christmas.

Created by the UK’s number one scales brand, Salter Cook is a new and innovative range that gives you the ultimate interactive cooking experience. With the Salter Cook range, you will save hours searching through cookbooks and can ensure your favourite recipes are cooked to perfection every time. The Salter Cook app includes a range of exciting features to assist you in the kitchen, leaving you with more time to concentrate on entertaining your guests and opening presents. Created by people who love to cook for people who love to cook, have a Merry Christmas with Salter Cook.

For more information view this Salter Cook video.

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