Christmas Gifts to Cut Out Plastic

When you are looking for Christmas gifts, try to find something that won’t contribute to plastic waste. These ideas from Kempii mean that following a zero-waste lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun of Christmas! You can spread festive cheer without spreading waste, by choosing more thoughtful, plastic free gifts. They may even plant the seed that helps your friends and family to kick off a more sustainable lifestyle!

Vintage Enamel Soap Dish, £17.00

Embrace a touch of vintage charm with this enamel soap dish, tailor-made for storing bath soap, shampoo, and conditioner bars. What makes it a must-have is the ingenious top plate with drainage holes, ensuring your soap bars stay dry and last longer – a top tip for those making the switch to solid shampoo. Cleaning is a breeze, just pop off the top plate and wipe down.

On The Go Hamper, £26.50

This new zero waste on-the-go kit is the ideal gift for anyone looking to reduce waste while out and about. This eco-friendly hamper includes a reusable coffee cup, a handy cutlery set, and a versatile string bag. Whether it’s for travel, weekend getaways, or everyday trips, these essential items are a must-have for anyone on the move.

Discovery Bundle, £15.00

You’ve made the shampoo bar switch and want to spread the eco-love? This trial-size shampoo and conditioner bar bundle is the perfect tool to convert your loved ones! It’s also a travel-friendly size, making it super convenient on the go. The same shine-enhancing, pH-balanced formulation as other Kind2 bars, just in a trial version.

Cork Travel Mug, £18.50

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your eco-conscious journey, this one-of-a-kind cork travel mug is a fantastic addition to your eco-friendly lifestyle. What sets it apart is the cork insulation, ensuring you’ll never have to deal with scalded fingers – a standout feature among eco-friendly gifts.

Zero Waste Unsponge, £4.50

Increasingly, people appreciate presents they’ll actually use, and these attractive reusable sponges are the perfect example of that. Made of cotton and cellulose, these plastic-free Unsponges will last about four months and really brighten up the kitchen sink! Definitely a healthy alternative to your plastic kitchen sponge!

Elephant Box, £31.00

What makes a streamlined stainless-steel lunch box the ideal eco-friendly, zero waste Christmas gift? Well, it’s versatile, practical, and gives people the boost they need to start making their own lunches rather than popping to M&S for a plastic-wrapped salad with plastic fork. Get it for a co-worker so you can see it in use!

Reusable Stainless Steel Bottle (750ml), £37.00

You know, it’s funny how many folks don’t treat themselves to a good reusable bottle. Why not be the thoughtful friend who does it for them? Those plastic bottles are both a waste and an eyesore. They’ll genuinely appreciate a stylish stainless-steel one – it’s a gift that’s as good for the planet as it is for their daily hydration!

Reusable Cutlery £10.50

First it was plastic shopping bags, then plastic straws…. we think disposable cutlery could be the next to be go. Carrying light-weight bamboo cutlery is a no-brainer to reduce waste – like this stylish pouch (even comes with a handy carabiner clip!).

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