Choosing Your Spa Treatment

With the help of the Lifehouse Spa and Hotel we take a look through what spa treatments are available for all your relaxation needs

What are the different kinds of facial treatments available on the market at the moment?

There is a facial treatment for every kind of skin issue going, from balancing and rehydration, to anti-ageing and acne, you name it – they’ll be a facial for it. Face masks are particularly popular at present, especially sheet masks which involve a piece of cloth or paper that is soaked in a concentrated dose of serum to give the skin a radiance boost. 

At Lifehouse, our facial treatments cater for all skin types. Each facial is bespoke and unique to each guest, depending on their skin’s needs. For example, our Decleor Signature Facial begins with a back therapy to diagnose the skin type and any concerns. The therapist will then select products that will target these.

We also offer a facial treatment that involves the very latest in skincare technology. Our Carita treatments use a unique combination of LED therapy, ultrasound and micro-currents to give dramatic results after just one treatment. The technologies work together to lift and plump the facial muscles underneath the skin, to give a lasting effect. A course of these is recommended for optimum results, after which a booster facial is advised once per month to keep the muscles firm.

Are there spa treatments that are specially designed for women?

Whilst the majority of our treatments are unisex, a selection are designed to give best results for women. For example, our new Clarins Contour Shaper is specialized to sculpt and firm the body and includes over an hour of contouring massage to drain and firm. A thermos-activated body mask boosts circulation to target areas of stubborn cellulite, of which women are much more prone to than men. Treatments that include body wraps can also work wonders with cellulite and skin tone – we use a marine based product range, Thalgo, to give incredible results after just one session.

What kind of treatments would you recommend for pregnant women?

We use a fantastic range of products that are designed specifically for mums to be, called Little Butterfly London. The products are certified organic, exclusively made in England and are so gentle that they are also recommended for newborn babies as well as being safe to use whilst breastfeeding.

Our Dreamy Maternity Massage gives an hour or 90 minutes of pure bliss to our pregnant guests*, helping to ease aches, pains and puffiness, and disturbed sleep. We also offer a New Mums Nurturing Touch Massage for those new mums, providing relief from post pregnancy aches, excess fluid and relaxing the mind and emotions.

*Maternity massage is available for those 12 weeks pregnant or over, or have had the first scan. This is to ensure baby is healthy and strong, as massage is stimulating and can cause an increase in blood pressure.

Describe your perfect spa resort.

Somewhere that you can switch off from the world and feel completely at peace, in both body and soul, whether with a friend or loved one, or on your own. Fabulous treatments and a relaxing spa area, and a lovely cosy relaxation room with blankets to perhaps take a little nap. Fresh and delicious food to eat and tranquil grounds to roam around.

What new therapy innovations have recently become available?

Facial Pilates is a new innovative treatment from Decleor that works to reshape the contours of the face with a re-cushioning effect, by stimulating the facial muscles. The 70 minute treatment includes a back therapy to help you completely unwind, followed by a deep cleanse and three facial massages. Your therapist will then apply an Energy Youth Concentrate Mask and massage into plump and smooth the appearance of lines & wrinkles, leaving the skin glowing with rosy youthfulness.

What’s your perfect hotel experience for a consumer? 

We want our guests to arrive and instantly feel relaxed. Lifehouse is positioned down a long driveway and set in 12 acres of beautiful Listed Gardens so you do feel in the middle of nowhere and completely away from the world from the moment of arrival. We encourage guests to get outside and enjoy some fresh air during their stay, and fluffy robes are the norm so everyone feels completely comfortable and relaxed. A perfect visit would start with a relaxing treatment, perhaps a massage or facial, to truly unwind, followed by some time in the spa, trying out the various thermal facilities and perhaps cooling off with a dip in the large swimming pool.

Our sun soaked terrace is perfect for an afternoon refreshment, perhaps alongside a delicious Afternoon Tea. Once that’s gone down, our freshly prepared, locally sourced cuisine is enjoyed in the Lifehouse Restaurant.

And because of the tranquil surroundings, you are guaranteed a peaceful night’s sleep to feel fully rested.

What are some lesser-known types of massages? 

Our Himalayan Salt Massage uses Pink Himalayan Salt Stones to soothe muscles and re-mineralize the skin. The rocks act as an extension to the therapist’s hands, applying a therapeutic pressure as well as delivering 84 naturally occurring minerals to the skin. Our Salt Stones come from the highest place on earth so the quality and purity are unequalled.  After each treatment, the guest may take their Salt Stone home with them to recreate their very own spa experience. By placing these beautiful pink salt stones in a warm bath, you are giving yourself a simple yet effective mineral home spa treatment and your whole body will benefit greatly from the they contain. Each stone will last for around 10 baths.

Himalayan Salts bring the following benefits to the body:

  • Rebalancing and revitalizing
  • Detoxifying
  • Pain relieving and anti-inflammatory
  • Pore-cleansing
  • Relaxing and improving the quality of sleep
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-septic
  • Calms irritation

They are great for:

  • Soothing the skin after shaving
  • Eliminating redness
  • Treating minor skin complaints
  • Soothing insect bites
  • Using as an effective anti-perspirant
  • Run over the skin after bathing to re-mineralize and soften the skin
  • Buffing away dead skin cells


The Lifehouse Spa and Hotel is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Enjoy the ultimate relaxation for the mind, body and soul in a tranquil setting.

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