Choosing the Perfect Stroller For Your New Arrival

At JUNIORJONES we have three brand pillars. Style, Safety and Performance. We never compromise on any of them and neither should you. After all, our strollers are designed and engineered to carry the most precious cargo in the world, your little one, and we take that very seriously.


Choosing a stroller as a first-time parent can be very daunting. It is, the biggest investment you are likely to make when preparing for your new arrival and getting it right first time takes a lot of research and careful consideration.

We are often told by parents-to-be that they simply do not know where to start which is perfectly normal! We always advise that you think about what you may be doing regularly during the first few months. This will give you a basis to create a checklist of safety features and other functions you require from your pushchair, stroller, or pram to create a cosy and secure environment for your baby.

Each of the strollers in the JUNIORJONES range have been designed with different types of families in mind and they all have their own unique personality. One of the features they all share is our TRU-RIDE 2 Technology. TRU-RIDE 2 Technology is an advancement on the original TRU-RIDE Tech-nology. We have combined superior bearings, finely tuned suspension with soft, puncture resistant, long lasting PU Polymer tyres to create what we call ‘The Effortless Push Experience’. The second you handle one of our strollers you will immediately feel the difference compared to others you may have looked at.

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