Choosing the Best Nappies and Wipes for You, Your Baby, and the Planet

Instead of grabbing a pack of traditional nappies, consider picking up one that is kinder to the environment AND better for you and your babies.

We all know nappies and wipes aren’t great for the planet, but they are the best solution for babies and parents; convenient, comfortable, and affordable. So, it’s a consequence we have to live with. Right? 

Not anymore. The new eco-nappies and biodegradable wipes are changing this “fact”, offering parents a new solution; one that is kinder to the environment AND better for you and your babies. 

Nappies and Baby Wipes

Did you know that traditional disposable nappies and baby wipes are typically made from oil-based plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene, and polyester? They also contain chlorine and harsh chemicals.

A study by the Environment Agency concluded that the majority of negative environmental impacts associated with disposables arise from their manufacture and choice of materials*. In the UK, three billion nappies and +100 billion single-use plastic wipes are discarded into landfills every year.

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Did you also know that as the rise of single-use plastic nappies have grown, so has the world market for nappy rash cream? ** 

Prolonged contact with wetness and bacteria can cause nappy rash. Using traditional terry cloth nappies, parents often avoided nappy rash because they had to change the nappy immediately to avoid leaks. Plastic disposables offered a more convenient solution but wrapping babies’ bottoms in non-breathable plastic create a warm, humid environment, perfect for the bacteria growth. Throw in the harsh chemicals and it’s easy to see why babies’ delicate skin may react. 

Several new eco-companies have sought to tackle these issues and several different eco-brands are now readily available.  Parents can choose more environmentally-friendly options which reduce the chances of nappy rash through the use of natural materials and reduced chemicals. 

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But which is best for my baby? And me? And the environment? 

Best for Mama Earth? 

Eco-nappies and wipes are growing in popularity, with over 11% of parents choosing these brands over plastic supermarket versions. 

However, it’s not always easy to compare these brands and many parents are wary of ‘greenwashing’.  Here, you can see the comparable facts like what materials are used, how biodegradable they are, and what packaging is used.

mama bamboo
Credit: Monica Brennan/Mama Bamboo

Best for Baby?

Laura Crawford, CEO of Mama Bamboo, states that “when looking for a sustainable material it was imperative to me, that it not only reduced the environmental impact but that it would also benefit our babies. We choose bamboo because of its green credentials and its health benefits.”

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing crops on the planet and requires no fertiliser, pesticide, or false irrigation.

The fibres are excellent at absorbing moisture and keeping skin cool and dry.

Bamboo fibre contains a natural antibacterial agent known as Bamboo Kun. It is so effective that it eliminates over 70% of bacteria that attempt to grow on it. 

mama bamboo badge

Using Bamboo

Mama Bamboo is proud to be the only eco-nappy ever to have won the “Best Performance Nappy Gold 2020” award from Mother & Baby. They beat all the leading brands, proving that parents do not have to compromise on quality and performance when making an eco choice. Mama Bamboo nappies were judged to be more absorbent, softer, and better at controlling nappy rash compared to other brands.  

Mama Bamboo also produces 100% bamboo fibre wipes, containing 99% water and plant-based ingredients.  Registered with the Vegan Society, they are independently tested to ensure they are suitable for even delicate newborn skin. They are hypoallergenic, naturally antibacterial, and contain no harsh chemicals.

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Best for You?

Five of the six leading eco-brands now offer a subscription service that delivers the nappies to your door, hassle-free. Subscribe to get the best discounts. By subscribing, you get reduced prices and free shipping—making these premium products more affordable. 

So which one to choose? 

It’s important that you weigh what’s important for your baby, you, and the planet. 

“At Mama Bamboo, our values are based on the Bamboo Balance.”

  • Baby: kind to babies’ skin, soft, temperature regulating, breathable, comfortable, and reducing the chances of nappy rash
  • You: convenient, high quality and high performance, hassle-free subscription service, affordable
  • Mama Earth: sustainable materials, reduced chemicals, carbon offsetting.”

Mama Bamboo nappies and wipes are available with a 10% discount directly through using code HC10 or through retail partners Ocado and Amazon.


*An updated lifecycle assessment study for disposable and reusable nappies Science Report – SC010018/SR2  – Environment Agency 2008

** Economic Study of the Diaper Cream Market – Business Insider – Symphony IRI data from Deutsche Bank

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