Chocolate That’s Good For Your Kids and the Planet

Did you know that the chocolate bars we all love contain an average of 50 percent refined sugar? Now there’s an alternative made with made with only natural, unprocessed ingredients

Kids need snacks ! Most of us parents with kids aged under 13 manage to give their kids three square meals a day, however with their busy little lives, they do like a salty or sweet snack between those meals.

Parents are busy too, and packaged foods are key. We are surrounded by snacks that are either highly processed or packed with too much fat, salt or sugars.

Let’s focus on chocolate. Did you know that the chocolate bars we all love contain an average of 50% refined sugar? Most chocolate bars are of a weight between 30-50grams, which means in each bar, there is 15-25g, or 4-6 teaspoons, of refined sugars! Many also contain added ingredients like glucose syrup, palm oil, high fructose corn syrup, and processed milk powders.

None of these ingredients are actually needed in chocolate, the only purpose they serve are to reduce cost – whether the health of our children is worth this cost saving is a tough choice we all have to make. The impact is almost always seen in our children’s later lives.

Prodigy Chocolate

We have recently discovered an amazing new chocolate bar which will satisfy all of our chocolate cravings but without the damage to our kids’ precious bodies. Prodigy Chocolate is made with only natural, unprocessed ingredients, and with the cacao ingredients being raw (which means they have not been subjected to temperatures above 42 degrees) they retain all their inherent nutrients and minerals.

Cacao butter is high in Oleic acids, Omega 3’s. This “good” fat has similar nutritional values to an avocado ! These bars use coconut sugar as the sweetener – which comes straight from the sap of a coconut tree and is a low glycaemic index sugar. This means no ‘sugar rushes’ for your kids, as the sugar is absorbed relatively slowly into the blood stream, unlike regular refined sugar which causes those sugar spikes. Kids’ birthday parties will never be the same again !

Prodigy Bars also contain added fibre – 25 percent of our recommended daily intake – and being prebiotic fibre, is also great for gut health. Too good to be true ? Prodigy has an orange flavoured bar (using natural orange oil) with added baobab – this African fruit is high in Vitamin C.

Classic Tastes

The Prodigy brand wants to reinvent all the classics we grew up with but with clean, natural ingredients, that are nutritionally good. They have recently launched a Peanut & Caramel bar as well as a Coconut bar (sound familiar?). Once you taste these bars, you will instantly recognise the classic chocolate bars they have given a rebirth to. The perfect healthy snack swap for your kids and you – Tasting is Believing.

We all need to teach our kids to respect our planet and the environment. Climate change is real and plastic polluting our oceans and the food chain is real. These amazing chocolate bars are also wrapped in plastic-free, compostable wrappers. Chocolate that’s good for you AND the planet!

Prodigy Chocolate believes the next generation deserve better, chocolate without compromise, goodness as the norm. Swap them for your usual chocolate and clear your conscience. Just like anything else, your kids may resist the change initially, but stick with it and everyone wins.

Available at,,, selected WHSmith Travel sites and many more.

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