Children, Sleep and Choosing the Right Mattress

Why is sleep so important to children and what can we do to make sure they sleep properly? We asked the mattress experts from Jay-Be.

What is the importance of a good night’s sleep to children’s health?
Regular healthy sleep is one of the most important factors in supporting a child’s physical and mental development. While sleeping, children’s bones and muscles do a lot of growing so it is essential that they have a suitable sleep routine, bed and mattress to support them.

What are the main causes of poor sleep?
Sleep patterns can be interrupted by a number of factors and even more so in these challenging times. Stress and anxiety can be leading contributors but so can more environmental factors such as noise (and light) in or around the bedroom, or even a room that’s too hot or cold. Staying up past bedtime and sleeping in late the next morning can also be quite disruptive to a child’s sleeping pattern, not to mention the importance of a comfortable bed and mattress.

What can I do to help my child’s allergies?
Materials which are hypoallergenic contain relatively few or no potentially irritating substances, and thereby are less likely to contribute to allergic reactions than other materials.

At Jay-Be we specialise in making Foam-Free, non-allergenic children’s mattresses for a healthier sleeping environment. Infused within the fabric, the Purotex® treatment used on our anti-allergy mattresses is one of the most innovative and beneficial mattress technologies around. Purotex is a 100% natural pro-biotic remedy which reduces the presence of dust-mite and allergens, thereby helping to prevent the potential trigger of allergic reactions which can interrupt a child’s sleep, especially children who have a hyper-sensitive immune system.

What are the features of waterproof anti-microbial mattresses?
Designed for ultimate practicality, Jay-Be Simply Kids and Jay-Be Toddler waterproof anti-microbial mattresses feature a medium firm spring, with deep hypoallergenic e-Fibre comfort layers and are completely waterproof. Utilising the latest technically enhanced breathable waterproof fabric technology, they offer anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal protection. They’re also easy to wipe clean if there’s any little accidents.

What does energy boosting InfraRed e-Fibre do and how does it work?
Infrared is a 100% natural energy that your body produces and loses. Jay-Be COREKIDS IR Energy mattresses feature a unique e-Fibre comfort layer, infused with bamboo charcoal to help naturally reflect some of this lost infrared energy back into the body during sleep helping your child to feel refreshed and ready to go! More widely publicised general benefits of far infrared energy include; improved blood flow, increased cellular activity, increased metabolism and temperature regulation.

What should I know about VOCs in mattresses?
In recent years there has been a growing concern by consumers about the VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) in foam and the potential impact these may have on a person’s health; common symptoms include headaches, eye, nose and throat irritation. Poor bedroom ventilation and the close proximity of your nose and mouth to a mattress means you are more likely to inhale these compounds during sleep. All Jay-Be mattresses are 100% foam free and made with breathable e-Fibre comfort layers so you can sleep with complete peace of mind.

Are Jay-Be mattresses environmentally friendly?
Absolutely. At Jay-Be we are very focused on protecting the future of our planet and consequently consider the full lifecycle of the products we make during the design and development process. All Jay-Be products feature sustainable materials that are great to sleep on and kinder to the planet. As an example, the e-Fibre comfort layers in our mattresses feature polyester created from 100% recyclable plastic bottles as a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to foam.

By using e-Fibre we are proud to have already prevented over 80million plastic bottles from going into landfill or our oceans. Our mattresses are also 100% recyclable at the end of life and thoughtfully designed to help protect wildlife by reducing waste, land use, water use and CO2 emissions during their lifecycle, each helping to preserve natural habitats and maintain biodiversity.

Are Jay-Be mattresses durable?
Each of our mattresses are designed for durable performance and made with carefully chosen comfort layers to offer the support needed for growing bones and muscles. The addition of cushioned borders also helps extend the mattresses life. All Jay-Be products are tested by independent UKAS accredited research and testing laboratories and come with a FREE manufacturer guarantee, for your complete quality assurance!

What is the history of Jay-Be?
We are proud to have a long history of sleep smart innovation, which can be traced back over 200 years. We are passionate about creating industry-leading products and proud to still design and make all our sleep smart products in our West Yorkshire manufacturing facility.

How can I find out more about Jay-Be mattresses?
Jay-Be mattresses are sold by a wide variety of retailers, both online and in stores. You can discover more by visiting our website at

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